It’s a Winter Wonderland

Students reflect on the second annual winter festival

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It’s a Winter Wonderland

Patti Scheurich

Patti Scheurich

Patti Scheurich

Katharine Walker, Sr. Reporter

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The second annual winter festival, featuring art, dance, band, choir, and orchestra, took place on Dec. 4 and 5 as a way to celebrate the holiday season.

“I saw a lot of students from Reedy come to watch and that was really awesome to see all of them support the fine arts,” sophomore trombone player Austin Huizinga said. “It was pretty cool.”

All the fine arts involved, centered their individual and collaborative performances around this year’s theme, “Light and Hope.”

“I thought the art glitter bomb was really extravagant at the beginning,” Huizinga said. “Art painted candles with adhesive and threw glitter at them to represent light. Also, a lot of the songs performed by the band, choir, and orchestra were centered on the theme of hope.”

Sophomore Alex Hines was involved in the behind-the-scenes of the production. As a member of tech/stage crew, he spent whole afternoons practicing transitions between performances.

“Stage crew actually takes a whole lot more work than one might think,” Hines said. “It makes the whole show a little more enjoyable to the audience members.”

This year, certain changes were made to the show by the directors in effort to make it more entertaining. Some of the changes included adding more acts and implementing more transitional work.

“This year’s show was so much more well-produced,” sophomore percussionist Kalvin Ma said. “It was way more organized than last year, which was a little chaotic.”

The winter festival was open to all community members to come and watch. Many students invited their friends and family to come see their performances.

“My dad and sister came to see me,” Ma said. “I was a part of Innovation and the percussion ensemble, so they attended to watch my performances.”

Junior Ainsley Johnson was also a part of the percussion ensemble. They performed “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for their act in the festival.

“About a month went into the making of this production for my part,” Johnson said. “It was cool to be able to perform in this festival with everyone in the fine arts.”

The winter festival was a tradition started last year by the fine arts department. Each group prepared and contributed a show whether it be a piece of music or a dance routine.

“The holidays are a time for family and experiences with friends,” Alex Hines said. “The winter fest brought a festive mood to the holidays and it also created a positive environment for family and friends.”

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