A Foundation Set

Volleyball coach and team members reflect on the 2017 season

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A Foundation Set

Taylor Blackburn

Taylor Blackburn

Taylor Blackburn

Sarah Snowden, Sr. Reporter

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18 girls, two coaches, one mindset; work hard, play hard.

Reedy’s varsity volleyball team’s season has come to an end, leaving behind them a season to be remembered.

“I would describe this season as memorable, due to all of the goals that we have accomplished,” head coach Katie Rackley said. “These girls have proven that Reedy Volleyball is not a program to mess with and have poured down a huge foundation for the future players.”

Since Reedy’s opening three years ago, the varsity volleyball team has been playing together non-stop. Junior, Annie Swan says this has made bonding inevitable which has contributed greatly to their success.

“Our team is all really close because we’ve been playing together for three years,” Swan said. “We’re all super fun and love hanging out with each other and we do a lot of bonding outside of volleyball.”

Throughout the season, through the guidance of their coaches, the girls were able to improve tremendously, saying their defense and center-hitter connections are “incomparable” to the beginning of the year.

“Coach Rackley and Coach Winchell are really intense and they always have new drills so we never know what to expect,” Swan said. “They’re also just really fun people so we we can always count on fun and intense practices.”

Swan’s favorite game to play at was their game against Liberty, because they had a ton of people come to support. They even coordinated a theme; everyone in the stands blacked-out their clothes for the night.

“We loved the student section at our games. They make it feel like we had the whole schools support.” Rackley said. “These athletes want to play school ball to in front of their peers and thankfully we had lots of games that had an amazing student sections. They were very entertaining and we appreciated it.”

On Oct. 6, the team won 3-1 against our rival school, wakeland, creating a defining game for the team. For Coach Rackley, it was the highest scoring game she had ever coached.

“The Wakeland game at their place was defining in the fact that we had to fight, claw, and kick to win,” Rackley said. “We proved to ourselves that we could come back from a deficit and also we showed we had grit and the guts to pull it out.”

Later on Oct.17, the team won 3-0 against Frisco High and became district champs.

“The most significant moment of this season was probably winning the game against Frisco and becoming district champions,” Swan said. “It was so surreal because we had worked so hard and everybody wanted it.”

The team was then given the opportunity to go to playoffs for the second season in a row, where the season came to an end on Nov. 1, when the team lost 3-1 against Prosper.

“If I could change one thing it would definitely be the Prosper game,” Swan said. “I think we absolutely had the skill to win against them, and wish things had played out differently.”

The team finished with an overall score of 28-2 and ranked #32 in the state.

“The end of this season makes me reflect on the past 3 years and the fact that this team started with nothing and climbed to the top,” Rackley said. “We have accomplished so many goals in a small amount of time, that most schools still have yet to accomplish.”

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