Topcats- 3rd Six Weeks

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Topcats- 3rd Six Weeks



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Senior Lawrence Lewis won the service TopCat award for his drive to help others and give back to the community. Lewis is the Service Chairman of National Honor Society, and is also involved in Best Buddies, Spanish National Honor Society, DECA and more. Through his participation in various clubs and organizations, he has been recognized for his passion for serving the community. He wants to continue to grow to become a better person and help the people around him. “Giving back is the most important thing,” Lewis said. “It doesn’t have to be monetary, but giving back your time or knowledge is hugely vital to helping other people.”


Senior Jessica Johnson was awarded the service TopCat for her leadership in and out of school. Johnson, lead drum major of the band, spent countless hours throughout the summer and fall semester dedicating her time to improving fellow band members while also being a good role model through her leadership work. Through her commitment to the band, her service is clearly seen to not only those who know her personally. “It’s really uplifting knowing that you are there serving others,” Johnson said. “Service is something that lets you know that you are making a difference in someone’s life.”


Junior Emma Clark won the integrity TopCat for keeping focus despite what others may be doing. She values hard work and respect, but above all, self-awareness. “If you see things going on that you wouldn’t participate in, then don’t,” Clark said. “Stay true to yourself and keep focusing on the things important to you.”



Sophomore William Harbour was awarded with the integrity TopCat for his involvement in sports and academics. He has displayed this particular characteristic through his dedication to school. He advises other Lions to keep pushing through even when things get difficult. “I like that I can be looked up to by the people in the school and could represent ‘integrity,’” Harbour said. “I always try to work my hardest and do the best I can do.”


Senior Corinne Buckley won a TopCat in the category of community for her involvement in the school and as a leader to other Lions. Buckley, a color guard captain, spent the fall semester helping younger color guard members improve on skills necessary for the fall marching band show. She is also an active member of the Art National Honor Society, a club for students who show avid interest in art and the surrounding community. “Try to involve yourself in school and don’t be afraid to make new friends and join new clubs,” Buckley said. “It’s really nice to have a group where you can feel safe and feels like family to you.”


Senior Anikait Sharma was awarded a TopCat this six weeks in the category of Community for his involvement in clubs in the school and in the community. Sharma, a member of NHS and StuCo, spends his free time volunteering as well as participating in various clubs and activities within his community. “No matter where you go there’s going to be a community to be a part of,” Sharma said. “Be proud of who you are and look up to older high school peers to see how they are getting involved.”  


Sophomore Anna Deardorff won the TopCat award in the category of perseverance for putting herself through hard trials. Throughout all the things she has endured, she worked hard and kept her mindset on one main goal. “I think everyone has the trait of perseverance; there are a lot of hardworking people I know,” Deardorff said. “I would tell other Lions to set goals for themselves and if they’re really passionate about them, then to not let anybody get in the way.”



Junior Charlie Means won the perseverance TopCat for always doing his best and keeping his grades up despite whatever life throws his way. While obstacles have come and gone, Means has continued to sustain his success in school. “It’s an honor to be recognized as someone who perseveres,” Means said. “My advice to other Lions is to simply not give up, no matter how badly you want to.”


Senior Grayson Graham won the TopCat award in the category of innovation for putting himself in the fine arts department. Not only being in choir, but as a member of Innovation Show Choir, he enjoys singing and dancing alongside his friends. “This award means so much to me,” Graham said. “It shows that someone out there thinks I can be creative and come up with new ideas. My advice to other Lions is to try and think outside the box whenever something comes up.”



Senior Lauren Scoville was awarded the Innovation TopCat for her dedication to her work, peers, and environment. Scoville, a member of NHS, is a role model to her peers as she keeps up with her school work as well as volunteer in the community. She is also the band president and a section leader, spending her time helping to improve the band program. “Work hard whether or not anyone is watching,” Scoville said. “Don’t wait to be told what to do.”

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