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Frisco athletes reflect on playing an out of-school sport

Sarah Snowden, Sr. Reporter

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With much of the population of Reedy playing sports, there are even some who choose to show their athletic skill outside of school. Whether it’s a fun activity they participate in after school, to a dream they’ve wanted to fulfill since a young age, these students enjoy taking time out of their day to play different types of sports. Take for instance, sophomore Katharine Walker.

“I have to really balance my time, especially now because the spring season is a lot more competitive than the fall one,” sophomore lacrosse player Katharine Walker said. “I have to do all my homework the night I get it instead of waiting till the last minute, because then I wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

Walker started playing lacrosse in eighth grade. On top of playing lacrosse, she is in band, writes for the school newspaper, and does discipleship class at her church. Despite Walker believing herself to be the “last person you would expect to play lacrosse,” as she’s under five feet tall, she takes pride in her sport and gives it all of her effort.

“Lacrosse is unique because unlike other girls’ sports there’s a lot more contact and finesse, you have a lot more opportunity to show your skill,” Walker said. “I play defense and I really enjoy it because it helps you interact with your teammates.”

Junior Grace Anderson also spends a lot of hours doing what she loves. On top of cheering for Reedy’s varsity team, she’s a competitive cheerleader on Express Cheer’s senior level 4.2 team. Right now she is training for nationals, and practices mostly everyday for two hours.

“It’s a lot of work and it really pushes your body to its limits, but it’s definitely worth it,” Anderson said. “I love my teammates and competing with them, and having all of your hard work pay off together is the best feeling.”

Senior Caleb Garza also loves his sport for the team aspect of it. He got into hockey at age seven, and is now a goalie on Varsity Silver.

“I like hockey because getting to meet people from different schools is really cool,” Garza said. “Overall, hockey has taught me teamwork and has made me better with people.”

Lastly, junior Madison Carter is involved in a sport that is also an art where she gets to express herself: competitive dancing. She got into dancing at age three and now practices up to seven hours a week, not including competitions and conventions.

“Being an athlete is challenging because you have to manage your time well,” Carter said, “You have to balance schoolwork and your free time with your sport, and you also have to take care of your body and make sure you get enough sleep and eat right.”

Outside of dance, she is also a part of the National Honor Society and Reedy’s varsity cheer team. However, she doesn’t mind her busy schedule and views it as a good thing.

“Being involved in out of school sports is important because it teaches you time management,” Carter said. “It also is good because it keeps you busy from getting into trouble and involved in things you shouldn’t be doing.”

Overall, being involved in sports outside of school is good for teaching students important life lessons. Atnd despite adding many hours to an already busy schedule, it makes for professional time management skills.

“Out-of-school sports build character and certain values within yourself,” Walker said. “With out-of-school sports, it’s your own choice and determination, whereas in school, you have to work hard because it’s your future. But we do these sports because we want to do it, not because our future is on the line.”

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