TopCat 4th Six Weeks

Hard work pays off for fellow Lions

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TopCat 4th Six Weeks

Katharine Walker, Hanah Kim, Andrew Iniguez, and Sarah Snowden

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Senior Zoe Howard was awarded the service TopCat this six weeks for her involvement in the lives of school and community members. Howard, member of NHS, NAHS, and NFHS, always looks for opportunities to help others in the community. Her participation in these clubs gives her the opportunities needed to serve others. “Going out of your way to serve others isn’t always convenient or recognized,” Howard said. “But it’s impact on the community is lasting and oftentimes inspires others to do the same.”


Senior Lauren Curtis was awarded an integrity TopCat for persistently displaying virtue from in class, to the variety of clubs she’s involved in. She is in the NHS, SNHS, NTHS, as well as the Key Club. “In each position, whether as member or officer, it has always been crucial to work hard, act selflessly, and do what is right in the face of opposition,” Curtis said. “Life is short, so I try to make every moment count while following the values that my faith, my family, and school have instilled in me.”



Junior Amelia Liu won the integrity TopCat award for her her hard work and diligence.  Liu believed this award reinforces that she does not try to take the easy way out, but completes her work fairly and honestly. She is involved in National Honor Society which teachers her to be truthful regarding their hours through community projects. “It’s important to act honestly and industriously when completing a task, whether in or out of school,” Liu said. “If you act with consistent character it shows that you act according to the beliefs and values you claim to uphold.”


Senior Vivian Cassina won the community TopCat for her untiring graciousness and generosity displayed throughout the school. She is involved in the student council and Best Buddies. Best Buddies is a national organization devoted to assisting special needs students and approving their quality of life at school. “I like to work with people and spread love at Reedy,” Cassina said. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. But if you don’t have anything nice to say, think of something nice to say in every situation.”


Junior Jasmine Webb won the perseverance TopCat for her willpower and determination to succeed. She is in the National Honors Society for dance arts, an activity which she attributes her mindset to. To Webb, dance has brought out more determination from within herself than ever before. “How I display perseverance is that I try my best in school and dance and push through hard times,” Webb said. “My advice to other students is that if you’re ever struggling or don’t think you can get through something, just remember that you have the willpower to overcome whatever is in your way.”


Senior Sydney Rent was presented with a TopCat in the category of innovation for her open-mindedness and frequent problem solving. She is involved in National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, BPA, and the Student Council which inspires her ingenuity. She would like to incorporate creative thinking and problem solving skill in day to day activities, emphasizing their importance. She believes with a receptiveness for new ideas, people will be able to come up with new ideas. “I believe I had displayed innovation in school through thinking outside the box for both my school work and extracurricular activities,” Rent said. “I advise other Lions to take some time everyday to think about themselves, their routines, and their goals.”


Junior Sahil Jain won the TopCat award in the category of innovation for trying to find a new way to outsmart himself every single day. As an avid member of the Robotics club and creator of the STEM Program, he is constantly showing kids how to create and achieve their own dream. He always thinks of a new idea, new method, which purely defines what it means to be innovative. “ Most people view college as some sort of higher deity of power, but people right now in high school can do a majority of the things that persist in college!” Jain said. “My advice for other Lions would be to not invest your entire time into school; I value school and its teachings quite largely, but school is not your entire life.”