TopCats 5th Six Weeks

Hard work pays off for fellow Lions

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TopCats 5th Six Weeks

Katharine Walker, Hanah Kim, Sarah Snowden, and Andrew Iniguez

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Junior Abigail Nakagawa Price was awarded the service TopCat this six weeks for her dedication to the community. Price takes volunteering very seriously and is an active member of National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and the Partner’s PE program. She recognizes the fact that everyone is different and doesn’t get the same opportunities. “I think this award is an honor because not many people get nominated for it,” she said. “I try to make sure everyone is included and everyone gets help. I advise other Lions to allow others to have a chance to show their abilities.”


Junior Grace Jensen was awarded the service TopCat this six weeks for her avid participation in the Best Buddies club here at Reedy. Best Buddies is an organization that connects students with social and physical disabilities to other peers at their school. “Being in best buddies has allowed me to help kids who usually don’t have friends and don’t get the same life as everyone else,” Jensen said. “It’s important as a member of any community to be nice to others and help out those who need it.”


Senior Brette Wood was awarded the integrity TopCat award this six weeks for her open-mindedness. Wood makes sure she thoroughly finishes all her assignments on time. She advises other Lions to be true to themselves and try their best in everything. She is an active member of Best Buddies as she is the treasurer of the club. “I think you just have to be really honest with the parents and the teachers,” Wood said. “We have to always plan activities that involve everyone.”


Junior Victoria Tamney was awarded the Community TopCat this six weeks for her continual involvement in the Reedy and Frisco community throughout her high school career. Tamney, an avid member of Best Buddies and band, volunteers her time to help others in the area whether it be through an organization or a personal endeavor. “I always try to smile at everyone and make them feel welcome,” Tamney said. “Be nice and say ‘hi’ to people even if they aren’t your friends because it can make a big impact on their lives.”



Senior Gia-Huy Peter Nguyen was awarded the perseverance TopCat this six weeks for his endurance through everyday struggles. Nguyen, a student in the SPED program, can be described as someone who is very social among others. His teachers recount on his constantly happy behavior everyday in the classroom. “To his family, this award would mean a lot,” Nguyen’s teacher, Mrs. Chrysler said. “To Peter as well because he and his family will know that he is a part of the Reedy community and that he is getting recognized by other students.”


Senior Vivian Wood was awarded the perseverance TopCat award this six weeks for her determination and persistence through various obstacles in her life. Wood is a part of the SPED program at the school where she has demonstrated her perseverance. Wood is also involved in Best Buddies and can be seen getting along with the other students. “She is always smiling,” Mrs. Chrysler said. “She’s always kind to the other students and keeps chugging along despite facing challenges.”


Senior Carson Wright won the TopCat award in the category of Innovation for working hard on his classes and helping others. Being in the National Honor Society, Wright believes that it’s important to be a good role model, as in NHS, students are held to a higher standard. “This award means that other people are noticing what I’m doing and not taking it for granted.” Wright said. “I would tell other Lions to keep doing their best and to always inspire the people around you.”



Senior Robert Langholff was awarded the TopCat award in the category of Innovation for his hard work on classes and other activities. As a worker on OPEN Den, he can create segments to help spread his different messages across the school. He enjoys hockey, as well as helping others with classwork. “It means a lot to win this award; it feels cool being recognized by the school,” Langholff said. “I would tell other Lions to keep working hard. You gotta do things you don’t want to do, no matter what. Even if you can’t finish it right now, get it done as soon as you can.”