Wish Upon a Star

HOSA sponsor Ms. Fischer discusses this year's Make-a-Wish fundraiser

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Wish Upon a Star

Katharine Walker, Sr. Reporter

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HOSA’s third annual Make-a-Wish fundraiser has just begun, starting on April 16 and leading all the way up to the send-off in late May. In previous years, this drive has been successful for the philanthropic organization, who helps kids with diseases’ wishes come true.

“This year we are involving more of the community,” HOSA teacher sponsor Mrs. Fischer said. “We are not just keeping this as Reedy HOSA. We are actually doing this as more of a Reedy family and reaching outside of just the people in this school to raise community awareness.”

In order for the send-off of the child to occur, the fundraiser needs to generate a total of $5000 to allow the wish to be granted.

“The fundraiser started out really successful,” Fischer said. “We already are up to about $900 as of April 16.”

People who want to donate can go to a website link sent out in email and the weekly newsletter. Students can drop off their money in the Fill-a-Dish on their way into school where HOSA students are located with a container for donations on the week of April 16.

“Just today we collected $90 just through the Fill-a-Dish,” Fischer said. “The main goal for the Make-a-Wish is to raise money. The send-off is just a little celebration for the efforts put in by community members.”

On the night of April 27, Reedy’s first Make-a-Wish child will throw the first pitch at the senior night baseball game.

“River will be throwing the pitch and we will also be there collecting money in baseball helmets,” Fischer said. “The baseball game will kind of be like ‘Wish Night at the Ball Game’”

T-Shirt sales will start on May 1 and end May 14. The shirt, like previous years, will feature the theme of the child’s wish and should be worn the day of the send-off.

“We can make a difference in a child’s life by granting their wishes,” Fischer said. “It’s not always a cure that can heal a child; sometimes it’s just fulfilling their dreams.”

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