Bon Voyage, Students!

Mrs. Phillips and French students discuss this year's trip to France


Amiya Chennappan, Staff Writer

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On June 4, 2019, seven students and parents will be going on a trip to France along with

French teacher, Lauren Phillips. Fortunately, there are still spots available for a few more teachers and students to go on the trip.

There will be a meeting held in Ms. Phillips’ room at 5:30 on September 24 to answer any questions those interested in going might have.

“I’ll present all the information to them, and then answer any questions that they have,” Phillips said. “If I don’t know the answers I find them out, and we just make sure everything is on the table so they know exactly what is happening.”

The trip will be taken with a company called Explorica who provides the itinerary called French Highlights.

“You do Paris, the Loire Valley, and you’ve got the south of France with all of its history,” Phillips said. “Then you’ve got Nice, the revere area, so it has a little bit of everything.”

Phillips believes experiencing other cultures is “important for everybody”, so she chose to make the opportunity available to those outside her French classes.

“I am super excited to go to Nice because that’s the only the only place on our itinerary that I haven’t been before,” Phillips said. “It’s a new experience and I’m really excited for it.”

For sophomore Maddie Blaufuss, it will be her first time out of the country and says she’s “always wanted to go to France”.

“I’ll get to have some real life experience speaking French, so it’ll help learning to quickly translate.” Blaufuss said. “I am excited to go to the place where D-Day happened.”

The deadline for a slightly cheaper price is on September 30, but those interesting in going will have until January if they want to sign up.

“Anytime you’re able to experience a different culture, a different language, a different food, it opens you eyes,” Phillips said. “It allows you to kind of have an understanding for the largeness of the world.”

To see the itinerary and costs involved in the trip go to for more information.