PTSA Provides Opportunities For Students

The president of the PTSA discusses how the organization can benefit Lions

Logan O'Connor, Junior Writer

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     Parents and students at Reedy are now able to join together to make the community a better place. This year marks the first year for the newly formed Reedy High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), which prides itself on providing both scholarship and volunteer opportunities for the students.

     The organization is headed by President and parent Debby Pasha who was eager to give insight into the goals and functions of the PTSA. Mrs.Pasha describes the PTSA as being able to “Provide opportunities in a broad scope for all students.”

    With over $1000 in scholarships at Reedy alone, the PTSA is providing  monetary assistance for students who meet GPA and merit requirements. However, this is not the only chance students have at receiving financial aid, as the Reedy PTSA is connected to a much larger network, more specifically the Frisco Education Network and the Frisco Council of PTA’s.

     Through both of these organizations students have to opportunity to receive large sums of aid put towards college.

     One particular event for the students is the Frisco ISD Reflections art contest. The contest, provided through PTSA at an application fee of $10, is an opportunity for students to compete and express themselves through, “song, dance, and visual arts of any kind.”

     Pasha describes the contest as a prestigious event, with real judges coming in, and regional winners progressing all the way to the national level. The selected students will also have the honor of displaying their art at district headquarters to be appreciated by thousands of people.

     Students who are aiming to add more volunteering hours to their resume will find multiple opportunities through the PTSA.

Students may, “shadow a member of the PTSA board”, as well as Pasha said. From this they can, “learn more about finance gaining real-world experience.”

     With events facilitating student creativity, scholarships to assist students in college, and opportunities for volunteering for members of the community, the Reedy High School PTSA is certainly making a difference in its inaugural year here at Reedy.

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