Why Vote?

Why it is crucial for young adults to participate in voting

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Why Vote?

Reagan Witkowski, Staff Writer

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     “Why should you vote?” This is a very common question being asked today. Democracy allows the population to excise the right to vote, to express who they want running our government systems. There is one significant problem though, students are not voting, nor are they even putting care into politics. According to U.S. Census Bureau, the 18-24 age demographic has the lowest voting participation; all because of this idea that their “vote doesn’t matter.”

     Voting is such an important part of being an adult in this country and it’s important to teach young adults to exercise this privilege and right.

     The idea of “my vote doesn’t matter,” is completely false. Everyone’s vote is taken into account, and no vote is wasted. Every ballot casted is important, and can sway an election. In our past presidential election, it has come down to only three million votes between the population. That means if all of Los Angeles voted in the 2016 election, it would have swayed to the left, which, shows the true impact of each individual votes. Only one vote is needed for deciding who has political power in our country.

     Knowing who you want to vote for is important as well.

     The importance of understanding who and what ideas one is voting for is very crucial for the entire U.S. population. Understanding where your opinions fall on the political spectrum is extremely helpful when figuring out  what you stand for and what you want to see changed in the government. Reading unbiased, factual articles on current issues expands your knowledge. Once one’s able to have an educational, opinion it’s much easier to research and find representatives who show what their political beliefs are, and match the voter’s. Voting for these candidates will give a better chance of winning the elections. Young adults get to decide what they want to see in America, and will get to vote for the forthcoming of our country. It’s so unbelievably important start voting now, because it’s what will be the country’s future.

     Though students can develop the excuse of not voting in the election being it’s on a Tuesday. Students are both in school and in extracurricular activities, keeping them at school until 5pm. Polls close at 7pm, giving them only two hours, and sometimes where the polls are being held can be up to one hour away from where you are. It can be exhausting and stressful for people trying to vote in any election. That’s why we have early voting, which is for people (like students) who cannot vote on November 6, because they simply do not have time. Early voting begin on October 22 and ends November 2. This gives students 11 days, including a weekend, to vote before the Tuesday date.

     Talking to Mrs. Peters, the AP Government/Economic teacher, to obtain more information on young voters is highly recommend. She helps student to understand why students should vote. This is the one way we the people can voice what we want to see happen on our government. “A vote is a drop in the bucket, well the bucket fills up really quickly if you’ve got enough drops,” Peters said.


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