Volleyball’s Playoff Run and Beyond

Reedy's volleyball team reflects on the success of their season and the future of the program

Melissa Vick, Sports Writer

The Reedy Volleyball Program has built a strong foundation of success and legacy as they reflect on their achievements while dreaming for what the next few years will bring. After going 15-3 in district, the Reedy Volleyball team advanced to the Regional Quarterfinals in playoffs for their third year as a varsity program. The team has just completed their second season with the senior class and hopes to continue their success with the incoming players.

The Reedy Seniors: Sarina Wentz, Stephanie Young, Annie Swan, Jadyn Bauss, and Payton Humphreys have shown amazing leadership and determination for their teammates throughout their four years in this program. “I remember when they started as white-eyed freshman just wanting to play volleyball,” Reedy Volleyball Head Coach, Katie Rudd said. “They had no idea that what they were doing would impact everyone in the program from here on out.” These girls strived to work hard from early on and wanted to lead by example. “They set the tone of being selfless and being equal,” Coach Rudd said. “They are the kind of players that would stay after practice to shag balls and put up nets. It’s not the program where the seniors are bossing people around but rather a program where everyone is equal.”

After a strong senior class graduated last year, there were not a lot of people who thought that this team would be successful, but these seniors were determined to prove them wrong. “The seniors have taught these underclassmen that it doesn’t matter what everybody else says, it matters what your team is willing to do,” said Coach Rudd. “If everybody decides to go big and buy in, then you will find success.”

The program that has been laid out for years to come can be attributed to these five girls. “I am especially proud to be a part of this program,” said Reedy Senior Stephanie Young. “This team has taught me to be a leader not only on the court, but off the court as well.” These players have come together as a team and allowed the program to shape them into the kind of people they strive to be. “Coach Rudd has pushed me to become better as a player,” Stephanie said. “She has taught me not to settle, but to keep working for more success.”  These five seniors have worked very hard all four years to build a strong and successful program.

With the Junior Varsity and Freshman B teams going undefeated in district, the program is very hopeful for continuing the hard work and success of this program for years to come. “It’s an awesome opportunity for them be success while everybody else is being successful,” said Coach Rudd. “Our hopes are for them to feel the success as well as wanting them to develop the skills to become a varsity player.”

The junior class is a strong group of players and they are hopeful to continue the reputation of the program. “I am confident that we are going to have a good team next year,” said Reedy Junior Lauren Wax. “It would be awesome if we could go to playoffs again and hopefully get past round three.” The team will continue to work hard in practices to prepare for their next season. The girls are excited to play next year and see how their hard work pays off.

As the seniors conclude their years in the Reedy Volleyball Program, they give some advice to the underclassmen moving up and the soon-to-be senior class. “I would advise them to put in the work early,” said Stephanie Young. “Don’t assume that anything is going to come easily.” The season ends here, but the girls and the coaches are excited to prove themselves in the district next year. The Reedy lions have their hearts and their eyes set on their next season.