Sapphires Are Macy’s Day Parade Bound!

Dance teachers and members discuss their upcoming trip to New York to participate in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Sapphires Are Macy’s Day Parade Bound!

Reagan Witkowski, Staff Writer

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     Reedy’s Sapphire team will be performing in the upcoming “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” in New York City on November 22. They will be performing with “Spirit of America Productions”, with 600-750 other high school dancers!

     Spirit of America is a production company that works to coordinate both a dance and cheer performance in the “Macy’s day Parade”.

     “They work with many different dance companies, with Texas and all around the states,” dance teacher Christine Kleinecke said. “So we got an invitation to perform through a dance competition we went to last year.”

     Kleinecke performed when she was a senior in high school and called is a “surreal experience for anyone apart of it.”

     “One thing that always stuck out to me was getting to talk with girls on dance teams outside of Texas,” Kleinecke said. “I loved getting to watch high school students experience not only New York but the Parade itself!”

While in New York City, the Sapphires are also getting to see the city itself, with many different activities lined up.

     “They will be seeing all of New York during that week,” said Kleinecke. “As well as the Broadway Show, Aladdin, and the iconic Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!”

     The Sapphires performing in the parade are extremely exciting to be going on this “field trip” of a lifetime, including sophomore Carly Thompson.

     “I’m very excited to perform in the parade because as many have been saying, it’s really a once in a lifetime experience,” Thompson said. “And I’m also going to be on TV so that’s pretty interesting but exciting.”



 Other Sapphires are hoping that this unique experience better them for the real world of professional dancing.

     “Because I’m going to another state without my parents,” sophomore Isabel Henry said. “I think it’ll give me a real-world experience of dancing, I’m treating this trip like a job.”

     With this being a one of a kind opportunity, it’s easy to say that this trip will change the Sapphires lives.

     “I think it’s a really incredible experience because not that many people can ever say they’ve  got to walk in the Macy’s parade,” Kleinecke said. “Hopefully it will give them an appreciation for something they get to do that not everyone has the opportunity to do!”

     If you want to see our Sapphires performing live on television, go to NBC Channel 5 at 8:00 am CST. They are before both the NYPD and Ohio State bands, so go and support our Reedy Sapphire team!