TopCats 2nd Six Weeks

Hard work pays off for fellow Lions



Junior Yunbeen Bae was awarded the service Top Cat for the second six weeks. Yunbeen, who is the incumbent Valedictorian of the ‘20 class here at Reedy, has found ways to excel and give back to her community whenever possible. “Using club opportunities has allowed me to help those around me, as well as help those who I don’t normally see,” Yunbeen Says. Running many officer positions in multiple extracurriculars, Yunbeen goes the extra mile in applying herself wherever she can. “I’m heavily involved in clubs and organizations,” Yunbeen said. “I’m in orchestra and art, as well as honor societies for math, art, spanish.”  Yunbeen doesn’t see school as a task she has to complete, but rather as an opportunity to help and serve those around her.


Junior Ian Duncan has been awarded the service TopCat award for the second six weeks. Duncan finds service in everyday situations and is willing to help whenever he can. Whether it’s pushing chromebook carts to classrooms from the library or being involved in NHS service projects, service is something that is a simple part of life for this Top Cat. “It’s easy to find service,” Duncan said. “You just need to look for a way to be involved.”



Senior Chloe Freeman has been awarded the Top Cat award for the second six weeks for integrity. A proud member of show choir, NHS, and ITS, Freeman lives her life through honesty and standing by her values. In the modern day where many are concerned with what others think, Freeman advises fellow lions to “not be afraid to be honest and voice your opinions.” Freeman finds it important to stay true to yourself and not let others influence or change who that person is.


Senior Erin Brill has been awarded the Top Cat award for the second six weeks for integrity. She strives to put forth original work that is true to herself by studying outside of school. Brill participates in the school’s varsity orchestra as the historian , and works as a math tutor to help others around her. “I consider myself to be a diligent student with a passion for learning,” Erin said. “This makes studying and coming to school something that is fun at times.”  



Junior Madison Howell has been awarded the Community TopCat for the second six weeks. Howell is involved in Girl Scouts, is the president of her church choir, and participates in the school band as a clarinet section leader. She also is a soprano in the school choir. Because of her involvement in these local organizations, Howell maintains relationships with members of the community both in and out of school. “Community is something our school really values,” Howell said. “I’m always trying to get others to be involved and participate in local events.”



Senior Thomas Sanders has been awarded the Top Cat award for the second six weeks for community. Heavily involved in art and the secretary of the National Honor Society, Sanders carries himself with empathy for others and does not let anything stop him from making a new friend. “Don’t be afraid to approach people,” Sanders said. “If you want to be someone’s friend, just be their friend.”


Junior Lawson Echols-Richter has been awarded the Top Cat award for the second six weeks for perseverance. He is involved in choir, band, and church, which keeps him busy throughout his weeks, but he manages to prioritize his time and work efficiently. Lawson tries to see the good in the bad, making him resilient to the difficulties that may come across his path throughout the school year. This allows him to give his full attention to the things that matter in his life. Lawson advises other Lions to stay true to themselves and “focus on the good aspects of terrible situations.”


Junior Maddie May has been awarded the Top Cat award for the second six weeks for perseverance. Through being involved in both orchestra and choir, May likes to show her determination by working hard in her fine arts as well as her challenging classes. “Perseverance means to achieve something great even when there are many obstacles in your way,” May said. Her advice to younger Lions is to “Not let anyone or anything stop you for succeeding, always persevere through it!”



Senior Casey Wright has been awarded the innovation Top Cat award for the second six weeks. Involved with the Reedy Band, her church, and everyday classes, Wright always makes sure to find extraordinary solutions to everyday problems. “Don’t let your circumstance determine your outcome,” Wright said. “You can always work hard past your circumstances to get where you want to be.”


Senior Ellie Meinershagen was awarded the Top Cat award for the first six weeks for perseverance. Even being a part of both the school and an outside orchestra, she always finds time for the classes and clubs that she is involved in. Through Ellie’s Mum Challenge, a project that was self started, she was able to raise over $2,000 that will become scholarship money for two FISD seniors. She believes that anyone can be a leader in any given situation. “If you want to create something or start a club, go ahead and do it because you can,” Meinershagen said.