Third Round, Here We Come!

Football team members discuss their undefeated season and future games in playoffs


Melissa Vick

Melissa Vick, Sports Writer

     After going undefeated in district, the Reedy High School Varsity Football team faces elite programs from other districts as they advance in playoffs. The Reedy Lions have built an impressive football program of success and skill in only their third year as a varsity sport. The varsity football team is currently 12-0 in their overall season and will be advancing to the third round of playoffs on Nov. 30.

     On Nov. 16, the Reedy Lions took on Ennis High School in the first round of playoffs at the Ford Center. In competitions like these, believing is half the battle, and the Reedy Football team had to come out and trust that the hours of practice and hard work would pay off. “Experience is a great teacher,” said Reedy Football Head Coach, Chad Cole. “Every game that we play and every situation we are put in, kids get more experienced. We have a very experienced football team and so it’s showing in how we are playing.”

    Playoff games are a much different environment than district games. In these playoff runs, just a single loss brings the end of a teams’ season, therefore, players are under more pressure than ever to give their best performance in every situation. “The team knows it’s win or go home, especially the seniors,” said Reedy Quarterback Josh Foskey. “We know that we have to give our all in these games or we could be going home that week and never play football again.”

 .    The Reedy Lions played a solid first half in the Ennis game and were successful at getting ahead early on in the first half. During halftime, Coach Cole gave some pointers and advice for the team to keep the lead throughout the game. “I thought we did a good job at sustaining their best punches,” said Coach Cole. “As for coming out the next half, we had to dominate and we needed to be more physical. We weren’t that physical in the first half and I felt like we could step it up in the second half.” Football is a game of reading your opponent play by play. There are always things to learn from each and every game. The Lions took every opportunity to improve their game based on reading their opponent.


After the second half, Reedy pulled out with a win 47-21 over the Ennis Lions to continue on to round two. The team and the students were ecstatic for their first ever football playoff win! The defense did a phenomenal job holding Ennis to only 21 points throughout the whole game. “Definitely, defense has been a key part all year long,” said Coach Cole. “Like I said, with us handling their best punch on that first job and coming away with no points, they definitely set the tone for tonight’s game and so they did a great job on that.” Later on in the week, Reedy Football went on to play Midlothian Panthers for the second round in their playoff run.


The team was feeding off of their momentum from the Ennis game as they prepared for the next round against Midlothian. “Football is a big momentum game and the Ennis game was good win. We put up a lot of points and defense did a really good job of holding them,” said Josh Foskey. “We’re gonna play a great team next week but we are going in with high hopes and a lot of momentum so it’ll be a good game.” As the team continued to improve any weak spots in their game, they practiced hard and came out strong against a good football team.

    On Friday night, Reedy Football came out against Midlothian High School for the second round at the Star. Every game is a battle, so they had to work hard to put the win against Ennis behind them and concentrate on a new opponent. “The boys know that we’re a pretty good football team,” Coach Cole said. “But they’ve gotta come out and play and show everybody week by week here in playoffs.” Every game is a new playing field and it takes high concentration from all of the players.

     Midlothian had another strong team offensively, therefore it was crucial for Reedy’s defense to be on their best game. “Defensively, we did a good job of holding them throughout the game,” said Coach Cole. “Midlothian has a great offense and so we did our job of getting the ball back in key points throughout the game.” Football is a game that requires both offense and defense to succeed in a game. Defense did a great job on Friday night getting the ball back to their offense with few points scored on them.

     With the defense on their best game, offense had to come out in plays and carry out the game. “The team definitely does a great job,” said Josh Foskey. “The offensive line keeps the defenders off me, the wide receivers do a great job making plays out there, and the running backs do a great job of opening up the run game so that we can open up the pass later on down the field.”


After four quarters of hard play from both Reedy’s defense and offense, the Lions came out with another win 52-29 for their playoff run! The team continues to play hard and show up when they’re needed in game-changing situations. Reedy football continues their streak of 12-0 for the overall season. Their third round in playoffs is this Friday night at the Dragon Stadium in Southlake against Burleson Centennial High School. The team has high hopes for continuing on their hard work and hope for the best against another elite opponent.