Art Students Brush Away Competition

Success comes for art students in local and state-wide competitions

Art Students Brush Away Competition

Jerah Sonne

Logan O'Connor, Junior Writer

     The ability to create beautiful art is a skill admired by many, but only able to be done by few. Here at Reedy, there is no shortage of artistic talent, which can be seen in the impressive recent achievements of the art department.

     Three Reedy art students have been selected in two local competitions, Youth Art Month and Arts in the Square, where hundreds of students submitted their own artistic creations in hopes of having their work displayed for local Texans.

The Art teacher, Ms. Gallimore, elaborates on the difficulty of being chosen for the Youth Art Month competition, as it is conducted at a statewide level.

     “Students from all across the district compete, and only eight are chosen,” she said.

     Reedy High has not only one, but two artists selected from the judging of Youth Art Month, seniors Jerah Sonne and Abigail Rajunov, who will represent the district at a state level with eight other Frisco ISD students.


Abigail Rajunov

 When asked about where she got her inspiration, Rajunov replied that she was inspired by, “The beauty of femininity combined with the beauty of nature.”

    In order to produce such intricate pieces of art, a lot of time and effort is needed, more so than than some may believe. “It took a couple of weeks of work,” Rajunov said, “I would estimate about eight hours.”   

Alongside the Youth Art Month competition is the annual Arts in the Square contest, which has student pieces chosen and displayed for the people of Frisco to view during a festival in early March.


Anjali Varghese

       “For the Arts in the Square contest, only one student from across the district is selected,” Gallimore said. Out of all art students in Frisco, Reedy is honored to have Anjali Varghese as the selected winner. Her art will be displayed at the festival as a poster for all to see, an honor that many art students strive to achieve.

     “Ms.Gallimore, Ms.Schrantz, and Ms.Foster have all helped me to become not only a better artists but also a better person,” Rajunov says. “Being in the art program at Reedy influenced my passion for art, and even helped me discover that I would like to pursue it as a career.”