Key Club Helps Unlock Volunteer Opportunities

Sponsors and members discuss the benefits of being a part of Key Club


Olivia Marbury, Staff Writer

      Having trouble finding volunteer opportunities? The Key Club meets every third Thursday of each month for anyone interested in gaining hours, helping others, and experiencing new things through volunteering.                                                                                                                                                                       

     “Key Club is a community service organization,” club sponsor Ms.Rudes said. “It gives students opportunities to be involved in their community, school and looks great on college resumes.”

     The student-led group is a part of the adult Kiwanis Club for service. The organization states that the club goes by the values of “leadership, character building, caring for others, and inclusiveness.”  

     “Key Club is different from other volunteer clubs because not only is it about volunteering, but building character through it,” freshman club editor Jessica Selvarayan said. “What we do is simple: we encourage leadership through service and try to gather as many volunteer opportunities as possible.”

     The first Key Club was created in 1925 and  it is now the oldest and largest service program for high school students around the world.

     “I wanted to be more involved in school and I liked how Key Club was really focused on helping different communities and volunteering,” sophomore member Grace Wang said. “I think it’s important to give back to others and acknowledge that not everyone has the privilege or opportunities that we have.”

     The next opportunity to volunteer with Key Club is Dec.15 to provide food for the hungry with the organization, Feed My Starving Children in Richardson. Members can receive to four hours for this service project.

     “It’s really important to volunteer during the holiday season, especially for those who are less fortunate,” sophomore member Anne Marie Joe said. “Key Club sets a really good example for service and personally in the future I hope to be a good role model and encourage others to serve too.”

     Reedy’s goal for every student is to log a hundred hours before the end of graduation. This task may seem daunting for some students, but with the existence of Key Club, members are provided with numerous opportunities.

     “I encourage people who are having trouble finding volunteer hours to look around your community, church, and really any place,” Selvarayan said. “There are so many people that need help and there is never a shortage of volunteer spots or opportunities.”