Preparing for the Future

Mrs. Coulter discusses the upcoming FISD College Fair


Amiya Chennappan, Staff Writer

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     Twice a school year, FISD hosts a College Fair open to students and parents to meet admissions representatives from over 100 universities. The upcoming spring one is being held on Jan. 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Frisco High School.

     Lower and upper classmen are all welcome to attend and learn about colleges they are interested in.

     “I think it helps because it’s for the whole district, so if you’re somebody that doesn’t have access or the ability to go on to college campuses, you can still talk to an admissions counselor, “ Counselor Erin Coulter said. “It’s a great way to get lots of information and resources about lots of different colleges.”

     A variety of different schools will be represented from all over country. From big to small, and public to private, there is something for everyone.

     “The fair gives colleges more access to our students so they can get information out to our kids,” Coulter said. “They can let them know about the programs and schools that kids in Texas might not know exist in other states.”

     Students will also get the opportunity to be put onto colleges’ distribution. This allows them to get information about the application process, scholarship money, financial aid, and everything else they need to know.

     “Sometimes if kids are very interested in a specific school they can set up future appointments to meet with that admissions counselor outside of the college fair,” Coulter said. “They get to know their specific area admissions counselor really well through that process and that can help them sometimes if they’re in between getting in or not getting into the school.”

     Coulter says parents going is a “good opportunity” as they can ask questions that they couldn’t otherwise ask.

     “I think it’s good if your parent wants to go, but always have the students do the talking to the college representative,” Counselor Leslie Warstler said. “Colleges want to see kids taking that ownership.”

     The fair is put on by FISD twice a year, once in the fall for upperclassmen and then one more in spring that is open to everybody.

     “It is a great way for kids without very much preparation to come and see how many colleges there are out there,” Coulter said. “There are so many more options than the certain schools you hear over and over again.”

     Colleges will fill students in on costs, size of school, and even the ways kids can get involved once they attend the university to spark interests.

     “It helps kids just start thinking about the college process and then exploring the schools that are there,” Warstler said. “They can take that information, do more research on their own, and then it can help guide if that’s really where they want to go.”

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