No Beans for the Teens

Cafeteria supervisor, Janelle Taylor reflects on why the coffee bar remains closed since the opening of the school

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No Beans for the Teens

Anna Deardorff, Senior Reporter

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     A common opinion among high school students is as follows: “A good cup of coffee is essential to get through the day.” Some make theirs at home, while others wake up a little early to run to their favorite shop and grab their go-to drink before the bell rings. If this beverage is so popular, why is the school’s own coffee bar closed?

      “Having a coffee bar is very unique to Reedy,” cafeteria supervisor, Janelle Taylor, said. “When they built the bar in the school, they had hopes it would be a great location for the students.”

     The reasoning behind why it’s never open points to staffing issues, since monitoring both the lunch line and the coffee bar is difficult despite the fully staffed team. Located to the right of the cafeteria, it typically remains locked during all hours.

     “Our staff is limited so that we concentrate on meals instead of having an extra person to go over to the coffee bar and open it,” Ms. Taylor said. “We sell all items we would normally sell at the coffee bar but we offer it in the cafeteria.”

     Aside from the staffing issue, a bigger problem could be due to the lack of awareness about the beverage being available to students at all. Coffee is the most expensive beverage on the school’s menu, as well as the drink with the most options for students to choose from.

     “Nobody takes advantage, and not a lot of coffee is sold,”  Ms. Taylor said. “We offer cold brew or regular hot coffee, and we have three different flavored syrups and four kinds of creamers that can be put in it.”

   The coffee bar is likely to appeal more to underclassman, as students who can drive typically travel somewhere to buy coffee.

     “I didn’t know coffee was sold in the cafeteria,” Ashlynn McGarry, a junior, said. “If the coffee bar were to open full time, I would likely go for iced coffee if I don’t have time for Dunkin’ in the morning.”

     For those seeking a pick-me-up during school, coffee remains to be an option. Although it may not be found in the building that was built for it, all the options are still there.

     “The coffee bar would be positive overall for the Reedy community, and it would be a beautiful place to gather,” Ms. Taylor said. “I love it, and I wish we could open it.”

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