NHS Recruits New Members

NHS officers and teacher sponsors discuss the applications of new members for the 2019-2020 school year

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NHS Recruits New Members

Olivia Marbury, Staff Writer

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          The National Honor Society’s consideration email has been sent out to those eligible for NHS, and as applications are picked up by interested students, the lengthy process of applying and adding new members begins.

      “All sophomores and juniors were notified of their eligibility,” NHS advisor Ms. Lambert said. “Any student with a 4.0 GPA got the email, and eligible students have to sign, date, and pick up their application where they’ll fill it out and bring it back.”

     The applications for NHS are due Feb. 28th., and applicants get a taste of what is expected in the organization with forms to be signed, a mandatory bylaw quiz, and three required teacher recommendations.

     “NHS is first and foremost a service organization,” Lambert said. “Those in NHS are expected to do service both to our immediate community here at Reedy and the larger community of Frisco.”

     Lambert adds that the four pillars of values and expectations NHS has includes: “scholarship, service, leadership, and character.” Because of the priority of community service, there are many opportunities available for students to gain the required 20 hours at the end of the year.

     “The National Honors Society is dedicated to helping kids have volunteer opportunities,” President of NHS Anish Patel said. “Being in NHS allows you to have the opportunity to have access to a wide variety of service opportunities, and we typically have at least three or four service opportunities a week.”

     With the number of opportunities NHS has to offer, many students are applying. As the number of applicants grows, Patel stresses that students “get their applications in because it can be a very lengthy process.”

     “I’m considering joining NHS because I think it’s a great opportunity to be a part of the school and contribute to the community,” sophomore applicant Cameron Comeaux said. “I think NHS is so unique compared to the other organization because it celebrates those who really work hard academically and recognizes those who are good leaders.”

     Applications for NHS are approved by the faculty council, and those accepted will be official members after the induction ceremony which occurs in late spring.

     “The projects NHS organizes are actually really fun and you get to have fun with friends as you do community service,” senior member Marixie Rivera said. “NHS has really helped me with college and scholarship opportunities, and I think it shows that I have leadership skills and that I’ve been involved in my school and community.”

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