Stoked or Stumped About Summer?

Students discuss their summer jobs

Landry Thompson, General Reporter

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     Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year for students. No school, late nights, and sunbathing on a beach. For those who are just now starting to drive, get ready, because it’s about to get real expensive. Now that you can drive, you are going to want to go out to eat and drive to Dallas with your friends because you can.You will go to Six Flags because your mom won’t have to drop you off anymore. It really is a great time in your life. However, you’re going to need money. Yep, that’s right. It’s time to get a job. It might seem difficult trying to find one, especially one that works with your schedule. But don’t worry, here are a few jobs students have at Reedy that you might want to consider… or not.

     In Frisco, there are multiple places of business that will offer you a part-time or full-time job depending on your availability. Start off thinking about your interests. Do you like being outside? Do you hate folding clothes? Does working with kids freak you out? These are the questions you have to think about when deciding on a job. You want to pick one where you won’t dread going to work everyday and it can be somewhat enjoyable.

     If you enjoy being outdoors and can handle some interaction with kids, then lifeguarding at the Frisco Athletic Center might be an option for you.

     “My favorite part about working at the FAC is getting tan,” Jack Lobenstein said. “I feel like I am working for a good cause instead of just some random job.”

     Jack worked both the indoor and outdoor pools watching out for kids and families to make sure everyone is safe. He suggests trying it out for a summer and if you really enjoy it, then you can apply for the year-long job.

     For someone who is good with people and doesn’t mind dealing with difficult customers from time-to-time, consider serving at a restaurant nearby. Senior, Brynne Hammes, works at California Pizza Kitchen taking orders for people who live in the area.

     “I am constantly busy and I get hardly any downtime which is something I love,” Brynne said.“It’s not really difficult to learn how to serve, but you have to have a certain personality when dealing with customers. It’s not really something someone can be taught.”

     At a place like California Pizza Kitchen or any restaurant in the area, depending on your age you might have to start out bussing tables or bringing food to tables before you can actually start taking orders, so keep that in mind and talk to the manager before you take the job.
Does arcade games and laser tag sound exciting to you? Then check out an arcade such as Main Event. There’s a lot of interactions with kids, a lively environment, and tons of events for an opportunity to earn extra tip money.

     “I enjoy working with my co-workers because they make the job more enjoyable,” Jack Stolly stated. “If you make the customer happy you’re doing your job right. My least favorite part of the job is how hectic things get. It can get very stressful at times.”

     Senior Jack Stolly has worked at Main Event for a little over a year and enjoys the environment. He is able to make extra tips while working parties and has plenty of shifts open to pick up if he needs any extra money.

     Lastly, if you enjoy working with kids, there are plenty of families in the area where both parents work and are in need of a responsible teen to take care of their kids during the day. Most of the days consists of taking kids to and from sporting events, bringing them to summer activities such as swimming and making food from time-to-time.

     “A normal day for me is making sure the kids get their chores done then typically take them wherever they need to go or think of something fun to do,” Senior Camille Staats states. “It’s a great job to have and my weekends are always free because the parents are off too.”

     Camille has worked for the same family throughout high school and enjoys the more laid-back environment. It’s a perfect way to earn some serious babysitting cred.

     Overall, there are plenty of options around Frisco that offers jobs to students. It is pretty much up to the individual to decide what he or she can and cannot handle. My suggestion would be try a little bit of everything. Once you find your favorite job, stick to it. At 16-years-old, you are pretty much guaranteed to get paid the bare-minimum. The longer you work at a place, the more you’ll get paid eventually so stick it out if you like it.

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