Viva Futbol!

Soccer reflects on their spring season

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Viva Futbol!

Melissa Vick, Sports Writer

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     The Reedy men’s soccer program has continued to persevere through their season while keeping their mind and heart set on improvement for next year.

     Through a long season filled with many obstacles and challenges to overcome, the team has been working to keep their mindset in the right place. Many of the soccer players are dealing with injuries this season and are working through recovery.

     “One thing that we’ve been focused on this season is working to overcome a lot of injuries on the team,” said Head Coach, Jonathan Mikulas. “The players have been working together to stay positive and take it one game at a time.”

     The players are striving to prove themselves, even in the few games of district, by leaving everything they have on the field for each game. They work on not dwelling on the past, but focusing on playing their hardest each and every game going forward. The team has bonded over turning a season full of obstacles and challenges into a season to be proud of because of their hard work and dedication.

     “Our main goal for the rest of the season is to beat the teams we beat in the first round and also to beat one of the teams in the top of district,” said Coach Mikulas. “We are focusing on trying to finish this season on a good note– because we owe that to our seniors.”

     The seniors are playing a very important role in holding a positive mindset for the team– especially for the underclassmen. With this year possibly being the last few months of their soccer career, they are taking the time to appreciate the opportunities they have been given while also working with the underclassmen to improve their skill and mentality for next district season.

     “There are some seniors who do a great job in taking the younger players under their wing and showing them what it takes to play at this level,” Coach Mikulas recounted. “Because we are graduating thirteen players, there will be a lot of varsity spots open for the younger players moving up.”

     So that allows for a lot of opportunity next year for the underclassmen.