Kids These Days

Discussion of behavioral problems in children today

Katharine Walker, Editor-in-Chief

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     Longtime psychologist and family physician, Dr. Leonard Sax, notes that it is now a common occurrence for “children, girls and boys, to be disrespectful to parents, disrespectful to one another, and disrespectful to themselves, verbally and otherwise” as compared to a decade previously.

     Millennial parents of elementary aged kids should become more actively involved in disciplining their children to avoid their offspring developing into unproductive and dysfunctioning members of society.

     The reason for the behavioral problems of children today has a lot to do with technology. TV shows, games, and apps cause kids to become addicted and not obliging to parental authority. In some cases, children can even be seen in control of their parents. If an adult tries to take away their child’s technology, kids can be seen blackmailing their parents, leading to children winning despite attempts to remedy uncharacteristic behavior.

     The result is parents enabling their kids to not care about and adhere to polite behavior and respect for older generations. In most public places like airports, grocery stores, and public transit, it is not an uncommon sight to see a three-year-old child sprawled out in the middle of the floor watching “Paw Patrol” or “PJ Masks” as their parents are off doing their own thing. Additionally, since when did it become appropriate to not offer an able-bodied kid’s bus seat to a pregnant, crippled, or elderly person? It’s as if the parents and kids have complete disregard for societal norms.

     Furthermore, millennial parents are doing their children a disservice by choosing not to gear them up for the future. Instead of taking measures to ensure the future success of their young kids such as pushing them academically, parents are allowing their children become unproductive people who don’t know how to take care of themselves or handle an assortment of situations that come with growing up. If one chooses to have a child, they must understand the physical toll it takes to take care of a live human being for 18 years. Giving birth to a child isn’t some sort of fun experience to cross off a bucket list like getting a tattoo. The children are the future of society, so effort should go in to ensuring their success.

     A common response to these complaints is that every parenting style is different, and critics don’t know what it is like to have the burden of taking care of children. However, if one’s “parenting style” is disabling their child to effectively growing up and becoming independent, it is wrong. Not all millennials are doing their children a disservice; it’s only a select few. As long as parents today have the mindset of what their child is going to be like 30 years from now, any parenting style is fine, but from what is being experienced today from onlookers, kids these days are destined for failure.

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