BPA Nationals Bound

BPA members discuss their success in heading to nationals


Olivia Marbury, Staff Writer

     After the hard work of meeting unrelenting goals and competing in various competitions, six members of Reedy’s BPA organization are headed to the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California.

     “BPA is a CTSO, Career and Technical Student Organization,” sophomore member and regional president, Vijay Karthikeyaraja, said. “BPA is great for students pursuing careers in business management, information technology, finance, and many other fields.”

     Reedy’s BPA is only three-years-old and in this short period of time, the organization has already elected a Regional and State President from their members. As more and more competitions are won, members try to enjoy and take in the successes.

     “Everyone who’s going to nationals is preparing for their own competition, and we’re very focused but also very excited,” senior Apoorva Kaushik said. “I’m personally excited to go to Anaheim, California this year and go to Disneyland.”

     BPA stands for the “Business Professionals of America,” and is an organization where members prepare to compete in various categories of competition at regional, state, and national levels.

     “Preparation for competition in BPA is very rigorous,” sophomore member, Daniyal Ghayasuddin, said. “Everything in our computer animation group was prepared about four months in advance so things were set and organized.”

     Ghayasuddin adds that although preparation was hectic, the work, “paid off because Reedy’s BPA made it to the top, nationals.”

     “BPA allows for a lot of students to not only compete but discover fields of study they’d like to pursue in college and beyond,” senior member Anish Patel said. “All in all, as a chapter that’s fairly new we’ve done really well and we’re looking forward to what is to come.”