Your Wish Has Been Granted

Skylar Allen and others reflect on her recent recovery from lymphoma and the Make-A-Wish Reveal


Alexa Cappotelli

Melissa Vick, Staff Writer

     Two years ago, senior, Skylar Allen, was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. On Tuesday, March 26, Student Council, HOSA and the Make-A-Wish organization partnered to present Skylar with a reveal for her wish.

     Skylar has gone through a year of cancer treatments, hospital stays and missing out on being a normal high school student. However, throughout her long year of battling cancer, she was fortunate enough to have the support of her friends and family there to help her.

     “Skylar definitely had a hard year last year with all the treatments and cycles she went through,” senior Mary Calandro said. “She deserves to have a break from everything.”

     On May 16, 2018, Skylar and family celebrated because she is now cancer free. This news was a relief for everyone in Skylar’s life. They could now focus on getting back to a normal life.

     “We celebrated back when we found out she was cancer free,” said senior Camille Staats. “It was a big deal for Skylar and for her family.”

     During her cancer treatments, the Make-A-Wish organization reached out to Skylar and asked her what her wish would be. Liaisons and sponsors from the organization would talk with her to help figure out what she wanted.

Isabella Scuilla

     “When helping her figure out what she wanted her wish to be, we just asked her what her dream would be,” said Wish Granter Sherri Wolff. “She really gravitated towards travel and more specifically the beach. She wanted to go somewhere exotic– somewhere she wouldn’t normally go.”

     Skylar thought about it and asked her friends and family for ideas and suggestions. She loved the idea of the beach and wanted to be somewhere in a warm climate. She ended up choosing a trip to Greece as her dream wish.

     “Rather than going to Mexico or any other typical beach destinations, not a lot of people get to go to Greece,” said Camille. “Also this will be her first time out of the country which will make it so much more special for her. I think this wish will be a huge deal for her and her family because it will allow them to celebrate together in a different way and just get to enjoy relaxing together.”

     Skylar looked at the wish reveals at Reedy from a completely different perspective.

     “With having all the cancer that I have gone through, it has made me want to donate to the Make-A-Wish organization and the reveas they do because I know what it would mean for the kids to get their wish granted,” said Skylar. “I know how it feels for a kid to go through some of the hardest times they will ever face in life. I just want other kids to feel just as special and be just as excited by getting their wish granted.”

     Skylar found herself wanting to do everything she could to help make a kid’s dream come true. She was already donating to the Make-A-Wish organization before she even knew that her wish would be granted.

     Leading up to the day of the reveal, lots of money, time, and effort went into making this reveal possible. So many Reedy organizations donated to make this a memorable event. StuCo, Sapphires, HOSA and many more contributed their time to make this the best wish reveal yet.

     “All the students were so excited when they found out it was Skylar getting her wish this year,” said StuCo teacher, Alexandra Caldwell. “Skylar is a strong young woman who has gone through more trials and obstacles than almost anyone has at her age, and yet she still comes out smiling. Skylar has a big heart and is always wanted to give back. She definitely deserves every bit of this wish.”

Isabella Scuilla

     On Tuesday, March 26, Skylar’s friends and family surprised her by telling her that her wish was being granted. Skylar’s face after walking in the office and seeing everyone there was filled with joy and excitement.

     “I found out that it was my wish getting granted on the day of the reveal when they called me down to the office and I saw my mom and all my friends standing there waiting for me,” said Skylar. “It was super special having my friends there with me through the reveal because they were with me through my cancer treatments and helped me stay positive through everything.”

     Throughout the day, Skylar and her friends went to multiple different stations that showed all the aspects that Greece has to offer. They got to experience the art, food, scenery, and history of Greece all before the pep rally. Skylar got to paint a vase, eat Greek food, pass around a beach ball, and even help reenact a Greek play. All of the activities that she participated in helped build up the anticipation of getting a trip to her dream destination.

     “Having my mom and my family there with me during the reveal was surreal to say the least because I didn’t think that I would get to have my wish reveal here at Reedy with all my friends and teachers,” said Skylar. “When everyone was here to celebrate it with me, it made me realize just how big of a deal this wish reveal was.”

     Going through this day made Skylar more and more excited to go to Greece. While going through the various stations, she began to talk with her mom about all the things they hoped to do on their trip. After talking with Skylar, she stated that she loves to be out on the water and relaxing in the sand.

     “Some of the things we are planning on doing in Greece is to take a boat trip around the island because I love being on the water and seeing all the beautiful scenery,” said Skylar. “I honestly don’t have a strong opinion on what we do there because just being in Greece will be a dream come true.”

     As Skylar’s friends and family celebrate the fact that she will get her wish granted, they look back on how this wish will change everything for her. They talk with her about what they hope all of this will mean to her in the big picture.

     “My hope for Skylar through all this is that when she looks back on this time in her life, she will remember the joy she felt,” said Sherri Wolff. “I hope she will remember all the good memories she had opposed to having years of bad memories.”

     Throughout her entire journey, Skylar has focused on not taking any moment for granted. She looks back on everything she went through and knows what a big deal this wish really is. Although she went through some of the hardest times of her life, she knows that she is a stronger person because of it.

     “When I look back on this time, there will always be the cancer memories that I will have,” said Skylar. “But this wish that was granted for me will be the best way to wrap it up with the best memories at the end with all my friends and family by my side.”