Canvas: For Better or Worse?

A discussion of FISD's new online class system known as "Canvas"

Amiya Chennappan, Editorial/Feature Editor

     Many students have a lot to say about the new online educational system that is replacing the Student Learning Hub, Canvas. Canvas offers a modern redesign to the way students participate in their classes online after years of using the Student Learning Hub. 

Katharine Walker

Although many people are reluctantly overcoming a learning curve because of Canvas being so new, its implementation will help students to be successful after high school by creating more accessibility. 

     Many colleges use Canvas, including the dual credit classes at Collin College. The primary goal of high school is to prepare students for the future, Canvas is a perfect facilitator to do so. As a more universally used program than the previously used Student Learning Hub, the introduction of Canvas has the best interests of students in mind. 

     Canvas also offers an efficient way for teachers to interact with students. With the mobile app, students can easily be notified whenever a teacher posts an announcement and be up to date on all class activities. This accessibility was unavailable previously with the Student Learning Hub, and will improve the learning environment while engaging students.

     Opposers of Canvas feel that it has presented some road bumps in accessing class resources and information. Some of these road bumps are that Canvas offers seven tabs under each course that a student is enrolled in. This relatively large number allows students to follow many pathways on the site, creating confusion when trying to find a particular assignment. However, in the same notion, Canvas also makes school resources easier to access. The website offers tabs where Home Access Center and Google Drive are just a click away. Having everything in one place for students cuts down on the websites students need to open, and increases their efficiency when completing assignments outside of class. 

     Altogether, the introduction of Canvas is a positive change to the school and will help students with their learning experience now as well as in the future.