Happy New Year

Students discuss how they are feeling about the start of the new school year


A. Ashok

Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor

     The first week of school has passed and students have had to say goodbye to the late nights, abundance of freedom, and the overall fun summer held. Now that summer break is over, students explain how they’re feeling since school has started again. 

     The stress of school has increased for some compared to the previous year because of the many changes that have occurred this year alone. For example, the system change to Canvas, calendar change from six to nine weeks, and the elimination of daily grades. 

     “Not having anymore daily grades will make me have to study more for the quizzes and tests,” junior Grant Wilkins said. “I really have to change my mindset this year because now that practices and classwork aren’t grades, I have to be motivated to do them. People say that Junior year is the hardest and most important year so I’m really going to try to do well.”

     Students in the class of 2023 are having to make major adjustments too after coming from middle school. 

      “High school is pretty different from middle school,” freshman Irene Asawa said. “There are a lot more assignments than I expected, and now I have to focus on keeping up with my classes and being there on time.” 

     Asawa adds that although the workload is already heavy she has, “a plan to stay on top of things” as most students do when the year starts. 

     “One of my goals is to keep my grades up, and to do this I’m going to study every night instead of cramming the night before,” sophomore Ashleigh Lobo said. “I’m taking three AP classes, so I’m really going to have to manage my time.”

     With every year comes a different set of challenges and experiences, which can be exciting for lots of students, especially seniors. 

    “Even though school can be challenging, I’m really excited about senior year and graduating,” senior Jennifer Montoya said. “There are a lot of traditions that I look forward to and I’m just ready to celebrate it being my last year.”