Meet Mr. Z

All about new principal, Mr. Z

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Meet Mr. Z

Anna Deardorff, Sports and News Editor

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     A high school is not whole without its principal, and this year students get the chance to welcome a new one to campus. John Ziaer is the school’s second principal at Reedy since our opening in 2015. 

     “The students have been phenomenal, welcoming, and accommodating,” Principal Ziaer, or better known as Mr. Z, said. “We’ve got a tremendous staff of teachers and educators who are committed to helping our kids be successful. It has been exciting to start getting to know them.” 

     Principal Z has over twenty years of experience in education, serving throughout that time as a classroom teacher, department chair, student council sponsor, varsity basketball coach, district curriculum director, and associate principal. 


     “My biggest single drive in regards to education has been to help students be successful,” Principal Ziaer said. “A passionate pursuit of mine has been to to go out and help our teachers in supporting our students. I thrive on that energy.” 

     Throughout his career, Mr. Z has learned a lot about what it takes to have a successful student body. By coming here, he wants to share those tips with our student body.

     “I have a background in athletics,” Principal Z said. “I’ve seen the benefits of having a rally cry if you will. It celebrates what we are, which is Lions. It shows confidence, it shows a presence, but it also shows when they need to communicate.” 

     After a long day of work, you could find Mr. Z training for one of the many marathons he has participated in. Running is a hobby of his, and he said he “enjoys getting out on the open road and having time to think.”  If he is not running or working, Mr. Z is spending time with his family. 

     “My wife and I have three kids,” Principal Z said. “We make a commitment each summer to see major league ballparks and go to zoos. We have been to over thirty zoos around the country and ten major league ballparks. It means a lot to our family to go out and do something together.”  

     Principal Z may be a new addition to the Reedy family, but students are noticing his efforts to unite the school. 

     “We want kids to walk away with having that experience of being a high school student and it not just being about academics, standardized tests, and college admissions,” Principal Z said. “I want students to look forward to going to school every day.”