New Sport Brings Success

Senior Maddie Perkins discusses her involvement competing in triathlons

Amiya Chennappan, Editorial/Feature Editor



         After months of intense preparation and training, senior Maddie Perkins has won the Junior Elite Triathlon, qualifying her for the Junior Elite Nationals competition. 

     “The feeling that I get when I race is incredible,” Perkins said. I just have so much adrenaline and I’m in such a good mood when I show up for a race. It’s so much fun, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

     Perkins was focused on club swimming for ten years, but recently picked up triathlons as a way to perform better overall. 

     “I did my first triathlon when I was 5, which I did just for fun,” Perkins said. “This April I decided I wanted to do triathlons more seriously, so this was my first season.”

     This change in direction from focusing on one sport then moving to three at once was a big move for Perkins. However, she says her parents were very supportive.

     “I thought that I was going to swim in college for a really long time,” Perkins said. “I wanted to participate in triathlon in college rather than swimming, so that motivated me to get back into the sport and be more competitive with it.” 

     Perkins sees triathlons in her future as she continues with her training and journeys into college and beyond. 

  “My ultimate goal is to be able to do the Ironman triathlon,” Perkins said. “That’s a big goal, but we’ll get there one day.” 

     Along with supporting her teammates on her elite team, Tri4Him, Perkins loves to support her family who also compete in triathlons. 

    “My mom will occasionally do a triathlon with me and it’s super fun because I love to cheer for her and see her racing,” Perkins said. “My little brothers have both done one before too, and I love to watch them race.”

     Perkins encourages others to try participating in a triathlon and to not be daunted by the idea of three different sports together. 


“A lot of people think there is no way they could do one, but honestly I think just go out and try it because it’s so much fun,” Perkins said. “If you know how to swim, you know how to ride a bike, you know how to run, then you can do a triathlon.”