Donate, Donate, Donate!

NHS and StuCo discuss their Fall Service Project

Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor

National Honors Society and RHS Student Council are sponsoring the fall food drive where students can donate specific items from Monday, September 16 through Thursday, October 4. Donations will go to the Frisco Family Services to benefit those in the community. 

“Giving is so important because it helps others in the community and makes a difference in the lives of many,” president of the National Honors Society Genaye Sanders said. “Simply donating to a cause or participating in a local food drive, can potentially change the life of one person or an entire group. You never know what a small deed can lead to.” 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when asked: What is Frisco like? Many may respond with the Cowboys facility, the massive houses, or luxury cars that seem almost common. But, despite  the flashiness of some parts of Frisco, it is vital to note the disparity and the fact that there are still people struggling for their basic needs. 

“I feel like there is a huge stereotype of privilege that is held in Frisco,” junior member of the Student Council, Reagan Witkowski said. “Sometimes the stereotype holds true; however, discounting for those who need help is the last thing a community as a whole needs to do.” 

This year, there is a “no canned food” rule, created by Reedy to ensure that what is donated will be needed, and to accommodate the process that families go through while shopping at Frisco Family Services. 

“At Frisco Family Services each family is allowed to shop for an unlimited amount of food, but the total number of items cannot exceed at certain weight,” Sanders said. “Due to the fact that at Reedy we’ve had an abundance of canned foods donated every year, we wanted to supply families with flexible choices that weighed much less than a canned food item.”

The school has donated an immense amount of the food items, exceeding expectations. 

“Last year, the food drive at Reedy generated almost 85 pounds of food, but this year we have reached above and beyond our expectations,” Sanders said. “Every B-day during Student Council, me and a group of other students help place the donated items into categorized boxes and each day there are so many donations that it takes us almost an hour to box everything that has been donated the previous day.”

Though some don’t agree with the specific rules of the drive, the importance of giving back to those less fortunate is agreed on.

“I understand the purpose of no cans, but I just feel like a food drive shouldn’t have restrictions on donations, especially to achieve getting as items many as possible,” junior NHS member Emaan Moon said. “I still donated some items and think we should do even more projects for the community.”