Old Game, New Platform

Students discuss Nintendo's new mobile game, Mario Kart Tour

Kiara Fernando, Staff Writer

Lately the students of Reedy High School have been obsessed with a new mobile game that just hit the app store; Mario Kart Tour.

The game is a mobile remake of the original Mario Kart game, which was only available on Nintendos and Wiis.

“I started playing when I was younger, like in elementary school on my Wii,” Sophomore Amanda Leca said. “Now I play on my phone everyday.”

Nintendo, the owner of the Mario Kart Franchise announced the release of the mobile game in August of 2019.

“I was a big Mario Kart fan so I was so excited when I heard they were making Mario Kart Tour,” Leca said. “I preordered, just so I could have the game right when it came out.”

There are major differences between Mario Kart Tour and the game console version, which have upset players who wanted the game to stay the same.

“I don’t like the fact that there’s isn’t multiplayer yet,” Leca said. “The original had multiplayer and each there were three rounds to each course instead of two. It’s a little different but I still
really like the game.”

Sophomore Brylea Moody agrees and adds that although there are some differences, “the basics of the Mario Kart stayed the same” which is why she continues to play.

A lot of teenagers have downloaded the game, which makes Mario Kart Tour the newest trend. Students can be seen playing Mario Kart around the school.

“Mario kart Tour is fun,” Moody said. “I usually play at lunch with my friends or after school when I’m bored. Everyone is obsessed with it but I understand why. It’s really addicting.”

Even though Mario Kart Tour is praised by its fans there are people who strongly dislike the newgame.

“I think the new Mario Kart game is really bad,” Freshman Zakary Roberts said. “I played Mario Kart Tour once on a friends phone. It’s overrated and there’s a lot of better things you could do
with your time.”

Roberts adds that Mario Kart Tour, “doesn’t even feel like Mario Kart” because some of the features are not present.

Everybody who plays Mario Kart Tour has a different opinion on whether it’s worth downloading. Find out for yourself by downloading the game from the app store, and giving Mario Kart Tour a