The Future of the TopCat Program

The discussion of the changes the TopCat Board has made to prevent students being repeated

Katharine Walker, Online Editor

     The TopCat Award is a system Reedy uses to honor and recognize hard-working Lions in the student body. Running this system is a committee known as the TopCat Board whose job is to head the selection process of the TopCats for each marking period. It’s OpenDen’s job to publicize the TopCat winners each year, and because of this, I noticed a significant amount of students being repeated for the same TopCat award last year. I ran a story over this fact because of the overlap.

     This year, after a change of leadership and structure, the TopCat Board has listened to the student body’s feedback and has revamped the nomination process for TopCats. Now, only students who have not won in previous years are eligible for a TopCat award.

     According to Kelly Munroe, a TopCat Board Member, the TopCat Board’s new arrangement, planned in September, is similar to the old system in the aspects of asking staff members to nominate students and then going through a final voting round. However, they now have a listing of previous TopCat winners and the awards they received to check to make sure the nominees haven’t won the same category already. If a student was nominated that previously won, they will be removed from the voting process, but that student will still be able to see that they were nominated. 

     While these changes seem small, they make all the difference in the way students view the TopCat Award. Now, more students will have a chance to be awarded, where in the past, this was not the case. The TopCat Board’s appropriate response to the repeats of previous years has saved the morale of the system and has ensured the future success of these awards. 

     Currently, the TopCat Board has released the first set of winners for the nine weeks and has plans to re-decorate the display in the rotunda with the help of technical theater, where the TopCats’ names and pictures will be featured.

     Thank you Reedy faculty and staff for listening to something that is important to the students of Reedy!