One Nine Weeks Down

The first nine weeks marking period has passed since FISD made the switch from six six week periods to four, nine week periods and students express their opinions on the change.

Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor

     Frisco ISD implemented a major change for the 2019-2020 school year by replacing the six weeks marking period to nine weeks and switching daily grades to major and minor grades only. After experiencing the first quarter, students reflect on their personal progress so far and overall feelings on the change. 

     “I wasn’t too happy with my grades this nine weeks, but I feel like they’d be relatively the same or maybe even worse if we still had the six weeks period,” junior Alex Joe said. “The thing that impacted me the most was not having daily grades. I really think they would’ve helped boosted my grade some, and since grades were based on all quizzes and tests I found myself more stressed.” 

     Though some students disagree with the effect the changes have brought, one of Frisco ISD’s major reasons behind getting rid of daily grades and extending the marking periods was to “positively impact the students by making them less focused on grades”(FISD website). 

     “I’ve been so used to the six weeks marking period for so long and to me, every marking period was like a reset button,” senior Ava Doyle said. “I understand where the district is coming from where they want us to focus on learning more than grades, but grades are a part of school and will follow us throughout college. They are also huge indicator on whether you grasp the concept.”

     Opinions seem to vary on the district’s change, but the fact that adjustments have had to be made is agreed upon. 

     “I really miss the six weeks marking period but prefer not having daily grades since it got rid of busy work,” junior Chloe Tatunay said. “I think the switch to having quarters is just something that will take some getting used to and maybe even benefit students in the future.”