Meet Gabby!

Meet Gabrielle Burnette, the comic artist of the Lion’s Press paper

Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor

     Unique skills and gifts aren’t always given the exposure deserved, however, sophomore Gabby Burnette has taken advantage of an opportunity to showcase her digital comic art in the Lion’s Press Newspaper. 

     “I saw the posters around the school of the newspaper asking for artists,” Burnette said. “At first I was apprehensive, but I knew I had to jump at the opportunity of displaying my art and making use of a hobby I really enjoy.”

    The process of drawing the comic strips are fairly simple as Burnette starts from scraps and rough ideas, and transforms them into the art that readers see in the paper.

     “I start with little, random sketches in my sketchbook usually based off of holidays or current events,” Burnette said. “From there I use something called ‘FireAlpaca’ to digitally draw them and then I try my best to think of a story or plot to go with it.”

     Burnette is heavily involved in fine arts organizations and clubs at Reedy where her drive to create is further fulfilled. 

      “Inside of school I’m a part of BSA , a step dance club called UAC, and orchestra,” Burnette said. “I love artsy things because there are so many different forms of art that can all that can be used to express yourself.”

     Burnette’s comic strips also serve as an outlet to convey an important message that she holds close. 

      “With my artwork I like to express not only my Black culture but other cultures and people too,” Burnette said. “Representation and inclusion is very important to me. Through my work, I feel like I’m able to put people who are underrepresented and seen as different on a pedestal, to both educate others and appreciate the aspects of ‘the different’.”