Swinging Out of Season

Coaches and players discuss the end of their tennis season

Olivia McCauley, Staff Writer

     Fall break is approaching and tennis season has come to a close. The Reedy Tennis team made a great effort so this season was the best it could be. 

     “The team can play any number of competitions, provided they do not impact the amount of school the team misses, but this year we played 14 varsity competitions,” stated the new coach, Ryan Dodd.

     Although he is still adjusting, Coach Dodd “loves it here” at Reedy and states that the staff system is very supportive as are the students.

     “Coach Dodd has helped me with new insight on my playing skills and helped me improve,” stated senior Romik Sarkar, captain of the boys varsity tennis team.

     When coaching these teams, it is important to practice long and hard for the rigorous tournaments ahead.

     “We have our practices before school during the season and in class and sometimes, students decide to stay after to get extra practice, it really helps us with our matches,” stated junior Reenna Delp, captain of the girls varsity tennis team.

     Through these practices, they try to accomplish as much as possible and to improve their playing skills. The team also finds it beneficial to find and focus on their weak spots.

     “We want to improve the quality of our doubles play even more than how much we improved over the course of the season,” said Coach Dodd.

     Working on doubles will help the team strengthen a variety of skills. Tennis also has a spring season starting in January. 

     “We made a lot of progress in a short amount of time, and if we continue to get stronger, faster, more explosive during the offseason, and perfect our playing styles, the sky is the limit for us this spring,” said Dodd. “Translate that into how much we can stand to grow from spring to fall, and we can be one of the best teams in the district.” 

     While working to improve the teams doubles play, it is important to pair the players with a doubles partner with whom they share chemistry.

     “Chemistry between doubles partners cannot be understated when assigning a doubles team, and playing styles matter a lot as well,” Dodd said. “ We want to put two people together who like coming to the net over one person who wants to move forward and one person who wants to move backward.” 

     Different players work better with singles than doubles, and vice versa. It is extremely beneficial to know what to look for when choosing players who will play for each.

     “Singles is all about the intangible ‘grittiness.’ We want fighters out there on the court that will do anything they can to make one more ball back over the net.  We have a lot of those on the team. So the decision is very tough at times,” Dodd said. 

     Tennis has helped many of the students make new friends and make progress at a sport they are very passionate about.

     “My favorite part of tennis would be watching my teammates play close matches and seeing their effort and growth throughout the season,” Delp said.