Senior Graduates Early for Soccer

Senior Alex Morris discusses her upcoming graduation and plans for soccer and college at OSU


Anna Deardorff, Sports and News Editor

     We are entering the time of year where seniors are deciding what sort of future awaits them, but one student already knows what hers will look like. Senior Alex Morris will be graduating a semester early to train for the soccer program at Oklahoma State University. 

     “I have already made connections with players and coaches,” Alex said. “My relationship with them from the start is one of the biggest reasons I chose OSU opposed to my other offers. They are very personal, good people and the girls are awesome soccer players and the sweetest ever.”  

      Alex’s road to reach this stage in her life was more difficult than one might think because she did not always have a passion for the sport. 

     “When I was really young, I actually didn’t like the sport that much,” Morris said. “My parents wanted me to keep playing, so I did. I was good at running when I was younger, which is probably what made me fall in love with soccer. When I started to get better with my touch and skill, it became fun for me.” 

     Alex began playing the sport at just three years old, and she has not stopped in 15 years. By playing both club and school soccer in high school, she found aspects of each that she enjoyed. 

     “Club soccer is tooth and nail, working your butt off all the time to outplay your teammates,” Alex said. “School soccer is more fun because you build a relationship with girls you don’t just know as soccer players. I only played school soccer my freshman year because club team rules didn’t allow me to play after that.”  

     Many student athletes commit early in their senior year and begin playing at the university in the fall, but Alex has a different approach. After the first semester of school is over, she will no longer be a senior at Reedy High School.

     “By graduating early, I get to start developing that chemistry with the girls on the team and the coaches,” Morris said. “I’ll be in the gym and on the field working and training. By going a whole semester early, I will have advanced chemistry with those girls.” 

     This was no easy feat for Alex, and she worked hard to make sure all of her credits were completed on time. 

     “The challenges I faced were more emotional than educational,” Alex said. “ The hard part really comes from leaving my friends earlier and knowing the things I am going to be missing out on this spring.” 

     With a full ride and a major in Biology, Alex will have a busy but impressive schedule. Out of everything heading her way in the future, the senior comments to how she is, “most excited to play soccer.”