One Semester Down, Another One To Go

Students discuss the end of the first semester

Kiara Fernando, Staff Writer

As the semester comes to a close and we get one step closer to the end of the 2019/2020 school year, students and teachers reflect on the changes and events that have occurred. 

“I’m happy about the semester ending,” freshman Zayem Jilani said. “I miss playing in the football games but it gets us one step closer to the end of the year.” 

Football season flew by this semester, leaving many students with great memories. 

“Football this semester has been pretty good,” Jalani said.  “We had our last game a couple weeks ago and I’ll never forget scoring my first touchdown.”  

Though Jilani is sad that his first football season is over he looks forward to “improving his strength and agility” during the off season. 

While some students adjusted to high school sports, other had to adjust to the variety of challenging classes that Reedy offers. 

“This semester’s been pretty good,” sophomore Vivek Kogilathota said. “I have a lot of hard classes but I’ve managed to get past them. I have a lot of fun clubs I’m in like robotics and math clubs and science clubs, so it’s been pretty fun so far.” 

Getting involved in school programs can help the semester go by faster and benefit you as well as the people around you. 

“An accomplishment I made this semester was getting involved in the science fair,” Kogilathota said. “I’ve come up with something really good and it will affect a lot of people so I’m really glad I was able to step outside the boundaries and come up with something I didn’t think I’d be able to do. 

The fine arts department has also accomplished a lot this semester, especially theater which has had two productions. 

“ I was in It’s A Wonderful Life,” Junior Luke Morgan said. “ It was a bigger part of my semester as compared to previous years but I’d say I still focused on my studies and getting good grades.” 

Theater will continue their hard work next semester, preparing for their UIL performance. 

“I’m looking forward to doing more performances and auditioning for more shows,” Morgan said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Students have had an eventful semester, as well as teachers and staff who have had to adjust to many new guidelines.  

“I feel like a brand new teacher this semester because of all the changes our district, department and school has undergone,” French teach Mrs.Phillips said. “I would say in some respects, it’s been great, but in others, It’s been exhausting.” 

This semester the district implemented a new grading policy that eliminated daily grades. The change has been a major change not only students, but for teachers too. 

“I understand what the intended philosophy was but I’m not a hundred percent sure that the ramifications of this change line up with the intended ramifications,” Phillips said. “I think that the new grading policy is beneficial for certain students who don’t enjoy the mundane assignments and still pass their test. However for the kids who may struggle or have test anxiety I feel like it penalizes them to some degree, because they were able to show their knowledge with daily grades or in class assignments.” 

Finding a balance with the new policy is something that appears to be a struggle. 

“The grading system, all the quizzes, and trying to find a balance has been exhausting,” Phillips said. “It’s been an incredibly hectic semester but it goes by faster that way.”

Another new accommodation that Reedy has undergone this semester was the addition of a new principle. 

“A change from previous years was how interactive our new principal is,” Phillips said. “I think that that has definitely been a memorable change from previous years. I would say overall the students think it is a positive change.”  

Despite all the changes, accomplishments, and events that have happened this semester most staff and students can agree that it flew by. One semester down, one more to go!