NHS Hosts Service Project

Olivia Marbury, Publications Editor

     Between January 7-24,  NHS pairs with Refresh Frisco to host the annual Winter Project where hygiene products are made into kits and will be donated to those in need.

     “I donated a kit with all of the supplies listed,” senior NHS member Jackson Whitfield said. “The hours that you receive from NHS for donating is nice and gives people motivation to give, but the cause is even greater.”

     The project asks for items like lotion, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, body wash, and other hygiene products to be donated in kits to Refresh Frisco to benefit kids and teens in the community. 

     “I feel like there is an immense need for giving in all communities,” junior Sophie Williams said. “Often times people really don’t think about needs other than food, so this project is really important for providing for the hygenic neccesities.”

     The value of giving and paying it forward seems to be a common trend in both the Reedy and Frisco community. 

     “Giving is so important because it helps others in the community and makes a difference in the lives of many,” president of NHS Genaye Sanders said. “Every donation no matter how big or small is beneficial.”