Girl Scouts Cookie Season is Here!

Olivia McCauley, Staff Writer

     Girl Scout cookies bring many feelings to the new year.

     “I was a girl scout, so I loved cookie season and getting to go around and sell cookies,” chemistry teacher Jessica Hemann said.

     Certain girl scout cookies sell more than others due to preference.

     “Thin mints are my favorite to sell because they are my favorite to eat,” senior Girl Scout Stella Pryor said. “I know other people’s favorite is also thin mints, so it’s fun to make a connection with the customer and reminisce on their memories with the cookies.”  

     Girl Scout cookies have been known to be eaten in a variety of different manners.

     “My favorite cookie girl scout cookie is the tagalong,” Hemann said. “I love the peanut butter and chocolate combo.” 

     Girl Scouts also have an assortment of different flavors with possible new flavors in the midst.

     “There is a new lemon type cookie,” Pryor said. “Although it could just be my bakery and not everyone else’s bakery, it is more like a lemonade rather than the savannah smiles.”

     Because of their popularity, Girl Scouts can make a lot of money depending on how many scout cookies they sell.

     “Depending on the year, I normally sell around 300-500 boxes; however, this year I’m cutting my selling down to only 100-200 boxes because my troop is making cookie selling optional. To get my gold award, I have to sell some cookies each year, so that is why I’m only selling 100-200 boxes this year, ” sophomore, Senior ranked Girl Scout Meredith Kasper said.

     Now with all that money made, it is crucial to know where it goes, and what the money supports.

     “The money can go to three different places, into the troop fund, into an account for the gold award, or to the council for prizes,” Pryor said.

     Girl Scout cookies are very appealing to the public because of the taste

     “They taste really good and have a unique flavor that you can’t find in store-bought cookies,” freshman Brynn Meade said.

     There are many different reasonings behind the girl scout cookie obsession, this uniqueness happens to be one of them.

     “Other than they are delicious, I think something about only being able to get them a certain time of the year makes them more appealing,” Hemann said.

     Along with the Girl Scout Cookie season comes a feeling of nostalgia towards students’ and teachers’ childhoods. 

     “My favorite memory is when my parents were the cookie parents for my troop and we would have PILES of cookies in our house,” Hemann said. “I also always enjoyed counting the money.”