Join H.E.A.T. Club!

Amiya Chennappan, Editorial/Feature Editor

     The Humanitarian Environmental Animal Team, or H.E.A.T., is a new club at Reedy this year seeking to better humanitarian, environmental, and animal welfare issues through positive activism. 

     H.E.A.T. has an established scope much wider than Reedy as the organization has chapters all across Texas and a few other states nationwide. 

     “Every summer all of the chapters meet up and we have a little conference,”  H.E.A.T. President Chinmai Rudra said. “We’re all about togetherness and we often discuss ideas that we could do to praise more positive activism in the world and our local community.”  

     As a new club, H.E.A.T. is constantly looking for new participants and ways to grow member participation. 

     “Often we have free food and coffee at our meetings as more people attend,” Rudra said. “The meetings are a great way to relax after having a stressed day and create a positve impact through our activism.”

     Courtney Hall serves as the sponsor for  H.E.A.T. as well as a source of encouragement for the dedicated members. 

     “We use Mrs. Hall’s room for a lot of things for the club and she has just been so generous for having us,” Rudra said.  “Mrs.Hall loves it just as much our members.”

     After this first year of organizing members and getting a solid foundation for the chapter,  H.E.A.T. club has plans to continue their positive work in years to come.

     “For the future, I envision H.E.A.T as a club where people can come together and take part in the events that inspire them to make a change in our causes,” Rudra said. “I really want to see even more collaboration with all the chapters that we have in Dallas and partipate in events together.”