Fencing Champs Walking in the Pride


Brayden Gyure

Kiara Fernando, Staff Writer

     Fencing is not a common sport, however here at Reedy we have two freshmen that have conquered nationals.

     Michelle Lee and Brayden Gyure began fencing at a young age. 

     “In sixth grade I asked my mom if I could try out fencing,” Gyure said. “I really liked it so I just kept on going.” 

     There are three types of fencing; Saber, Épée and Foil. Lee and Gyure compete in Épée, which involve sword contact anywhere on the body. 

     “Fencing is a sport where you both have swords and you fight each other,” Gyure said. “You just have to stay one move ahead of your opponent and you really have to gauge things like distance, timing, strength, and speed.”

     Like any sport, fencing takes weekly practice.

     “I practice up in Mckinney at a place called North Texas Fencing Alliance,” Gyure said. “I usually practiced for 3 or 4 hours a week. If homework allows it, I would practice more often, but if not I can just work harder in practice.” 

      Gyure adds that practice pays off which is why he is fourth in the nation for his age group and number one in two age groups above him in the region.

     Lee is also nationally ranked and competes for NTFA. 

     “I’ve gone to local tournaments and also national, those are the big ones. We have them eight times a year and they’re really fun,” Lee said. “I’m hoping to compete in internationals this year.” 

     Lee and Gyure have the same fencing coach, Aly Khamis, who is a former internationally ranked fencer with years of experience and the current owner of NTFA. 

     “Brayden is one of my favorite fencers. He is a great example for teenagers plus he is a great fencer that gets medals at national levels,” Khamis said. “Michelle Lee just moved from Virginia to train with me and I think very soon she will be one of the best fencers in the nation.” 

     Gyure and Lee have become friends over their shared love of fencing, and they went to homecoming together. 

     Lee adds that fencing is what started their friendship because “there’s a lot of teamwork but it’s definitely a lot of fun.” 

     Having national fencing titles is a huge accomplishment. Reedy is lucky to have not just one, but two fencing champions.