Beat That!


Kiara Fernando, Staff Writer

     World records can be impressive, absurd, and hard to beat; however, junior, Oscar Adams has managed to beat the Guinness World Record for the most pieces of gum chewed at one time. 

     “I managed to chew exactly 100 peices of gum,” Adams said. “The previous record was at 98 peices.” 

     The idea came from his friend, Arvid Peterson, who encouraged him to try and beat the record after Adams easily fit an entire pack of gum in his mouth during class. 

     “I guess Arvid was impressed after I fit an entire pack of gum in my mouth,” Adams said. “He dared me to beat the record and I can’t back down from that dare, so I decided to try.” 

     Breaking the world record for most pieces of gum chewed is not something that can be done last minute, and took some planning. 

     “I bought 250 peices of gum,” Adams said. “Then I beat the record in the Reedy cafeteria after school.” 

     It didn’t end there. Adams has beat the world record not just once, but beat the record for a second time

     “I would probably do it again for a third time,” Adams said. “Maybe if someone dared me.” 

     When Adams managed to accomplish this goal he wasn’t alone. Juniors Arvid Peterson and Levi Pryor watched as they cheered him on. 

     “I’ve been friends with Oscar for a couple years,” Pryor said. “I have never been more proud of him. It’s probably his greatest accomplishment.” 

      As silly as it may seem fitting 100 pieces of gum is not easy. 

     “I wanted to try but I just couldn’t do it,” said Pryor. “My mouth just isn’t big enough. I can’t even fit 50. I guess Oscar just has a gift.” 

     News of Adam’s achievement didn’t stay between the two friends who witnessed it.

     “Oscar told me about the world record,” said AP Language teacher, Mrs.Hall. “ I actually found out on the first day of school. A few other kids in the class confirmed his story.” 

     Hall adds that she finds the record “impressive” and at first, “wasn’t sure if [she] believed him.” 

     World records understandably seem challenging to break, but Adams, who managed to accomplish his goal, leaves other students with some advice on attempting a record.

     “I’d advise other people to just try,” said Adams. “You’ll never know if you can break a world record unless you try.” 

     When Adams turns eighteen he plans to officially set the new world record.