Munchin’ and Lunchin’


Kiara Fernando, Staff Writer

     Reedy has a great staff that makes the school function the way it should, but members are often overlooked. The cafeteria staff that serves lunch for students every day have an interesting, challenging job that most people know little to nothing about. 

     “I am busy, busy, busy. There’s always something to do,” Assistant Cafe Supervisor Betty Smith said. “A truck to unload, menus to make, production records to write, and so much more. There’s a lot of work, but the kids make it worth it.” 

     Serving two thousand students is not an easy task and requires plenty of planning and preparation. 

     “So how the process starts is you take your menu and you take everything you have to make for that day,” Smith said. “We started cooking at about 10:30-11:00 to have it ready for the first lunch. Then we work straight till fourth lunch.”

     Smith loves being around the “polite and respectful,” kids who are “so much fun to work with,” as it is her favorite part of the job. 

     Cashier Catherine Fripp agrees that “students are her favorite part,” working in the Reedy cafeteria. 

     There have been some cases where students have not given the respect and gratitude that our lunch ladies deserve. 

     “There was one student just the other day that came through and got a burrito. They grabbed a whole bunch of ketchup, started walking away and just threw it over his shoulder,” Fripp said. “He turned around and saw me and picked it back up and put it away.”

     A simple please and thank you from students mean a lot to the cafeteria staff.

     “I usually just get my lunch and leave but I appreciate what they do,” Freshman Tyler Thayer said. “I thank them with basic manners almost all the time.”

     The lunch ladies deserve respect from all the Reedy students.  

     “I’ve seen situations where people disrespect the lunch ladies,” Thayer said. “They work really hard, so we should at least treat kindly.” 

     Despite the hard work and troubles that come with the job, most employees enjoy their position. 

     “I love my job,” Server Christopher Barra said. “I would say pizza is the best lunch to serve.”

     The process of serving lunch takes large amounts of time working with the other employees. All this time together allows our cafe staff to get very close. 

     “My favorite part of the job is the lunch ladies,” Barra said. “They’re all like my mom or grandmother; like family.” 

     Barra’s job is not always easy but he “really enjoys” working in the cafe. 

     Make sure to thank the cafeteria staff for all they do next time you buy lunch.