Love is in the Air


Mr. and Mrs. Schrantz

Kiara Fernando, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is upon us which means love is in the air. This is especially true at Reedy High School, considering the fair amount of teacher couples that we have roaming the halls.

Mr. and Mrs. Platt have been married for almost 22 years but have known each other since elementary school. 

“She was a cheerleader I was a football player,” AP environmental science teacher Mr.Platt said. “I had just come off the field and I ran up to my grandmother to give her a hug. Mrs.Platt saw and told her friend that’s the kind of guy she wants to date. Her friend told me she liked me, I knew who she was, and we went from there.” 

Even at a young age Mr. and Mrs. Platt celebrated Valentine’s Day. 

“The very first Valentine’s Day that we celebrated together was while we had just broken up,” Mr. Platt said. “I gave her flowers as a gift anyways and then three days later we got back together and we’ve been together ever since.”

Since that day in middle school, the Platts continue to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a few different traditions. 

“I always make her and my daughter chocolate-covered strawberries,” Mr. Platt said. “I usually cook something special for Mrs. Platt and buy something for her because trying to go out around here on Valentine’s day is insane.”

Teaching at the same school can be extremely helpful. 

“It’s awesome working together,” dance teacher and Sapphires Coach Mrs.Platt said. “We share a lot of the same kids and we can talk about how we can help them in each other’s classes. It’s what we’ve always wanted, to be on the same campus.”

Mr. and Mrs. Schrantz have been together for nine years and have worked together at Reedy for three years. 

“We actually met online,” math teacher Mr. Schrantz said. “We went out, had a good time, and hit things off from there. 

Every teacher couple has a different experience when it comes to working at the same school. 

“I think if we worked in close proximity we might spend too much time together,” Mr. Schrantz said. “In terms of negatives, sometimes if you would want to come home from work and share some juicy gossip, she’d already know it.”


While there can be some slight negatives, most couples find that the positives outweigh the negatives.  

“We have the same co-workers so it’s kinda cool,” art teacher Mrs. Schrantz said. “We can share stories but honestly we don’t see each other very much because he is across the school.”

Other benefits include carpooling. 

“We can carpool on some days,” Mrs. Schrantz said. “I don’t work closely with him so there’s not a whole lot of issues. It’s really not that bad.”

Valentine’s Day traditions seem to be a trend amongst teacher couples at Reedy. 

“We have a special restaurant that we always go to around Valentine’s Day,” Mr. Schrantz said. “It’s called Lefty’s Lobster Shack and we’ll do something else really romantic because I’m known as Mr. Romance.” 

Mr. Schrantz said that “communication” is the key to a happy marriage, especially around Valentine’s Day. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hall have been married for two years and are both in the English Department. 

“We met in grad school,” AP language teacher Mrs. Hall said. “We were both in a class that we hated but we had to take it. We ended up having to move seats because we were too busy making faces at each other and laughing.”

The Halls have just recently started working together at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. 

“To be totally honest, I was a little worried that we would stop liking each other,” Mrs. Hall said. “We don’t actually see each other a lot during the day. We like to share stories and see who had the weirdest thing happen in their class.”

Since Mr. and Mrs. Hall are both in the English department their jobs are more similar than any of the other teacher couples. 

“You have to try not to take work home with you too much,” English teacher Mr. Hall said. “Sometimes it feels like you never actually leave work because the other person was at the same place all day with you. Then again you know what the other person’s going through and you’re in the same environment every day.”

The Halls also have Valentine’s Day traditions. 

“We were both extremely ill our first Valentine’s Day together,” Mr.Hall said. “We went to see a super violent movie together anyway, so it became a tradition of seeing a violent movie on Valentine’s Day.”

Mr. Hall says that “laughing” is the secret to a happy marriage. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bekerman have been married for almost six years and have been working together for two. 

“We met at a holiday party through a mutual friend,” AP human geography teacher Mrs.Bekerman said. “It turns out he lived next door to my sister in college.”

They as well have varying schedules as they teach very different classes. 

“I have never seen him so it is almost like we work at two different schools,” Mrs.Bekerman said. 

There are pros and cons to working with one’s spouse. 

“It’s great because coffee is always a text away,” Mrs. Bekerman said. “It’s not great when he gets emails meant for me.”

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that can be celebrated in varying ways. 

“We have been talking about going stargazing at an observatory,” Mr. Bekerman said. “But one year, I made a jalapeño cupcake for her. She likes spicy food.” 

According to Mr. Bekerman, the secret to a happy marriage is discussion and support of the other person. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kim have been married and working at Reedy for a year and a half. 

“We met at a gig,” biology teacher Mr. Kim said. “I was playing the violin. She was playing the viola. Basically I contacted her a lot and that’s how it started.”

Working together seems to have significant benefits. 

“Every single day when we go into work we can drive the same car,” Mr. Kim said. “It seems that if I were to work somewhere else I wouldn’t get to spend enough time with her.” 

There can be some unforeseen negatives to working with your significant other. 

“I think it’s the same for all teacher couples,” orchestra director Mrs. Kim said. “We have to make a point to not talk about school. It’s always on our minds and we don’t get a break from talking about it.” 

The Kims plan to “stay in” this Valentine’s day and make some pasta to avoid the crowds and reservations. 

As Mrs. Kims says, “living in the moment” is the key to a happy marriage. 

With all this love at Reedy, we are sure to have a great Valentine’s Day.