BPA Goes to Regionals

Amiya Chennappan, Editorial/Feature Editor

     Business Professionals of America held their annual regional competition on January 18 where Reedy members competed for awards against other schools. 

     Preparation includes many practice presentations on topics like website design and digital publishing with and without scripts for members.

     “The best part of competing is working with a group that wants to succeed,” BPA member Sophie Williams said. “I wouldn’t have been able to get sixth place in our region with my group without them.”

     BPA campaigns for more competitors through the positive words of their current members. 

     “I loved getting to work with my teammates and combine our different strengths to work together,” BPA member Shreya Ayelasomayajula said. “Once I discovered how diverse the BPA competition areas are, that compelled me to join.”

     Now that regionals are completed those who qualified will get to compete again in Dallas on March 3-7.

     “For next year, I want to compete in a team event because I loved getting to work with my friends,” Ayelasomayajula said. “This year for our Website Design Team we place 6th place State Alternative, but hopefully next year we can place higher.”

    BPA is regarded by its members as a relaxed and enjoyable environment and a needed break from the often stressful school environment. 

     “Regionals allows people to test their knowledge over certain topics and for people to present ideas in front of small audiences,” Williams said. “This will be helpful for those of us who will have to present an idea to CEOs and related things in the business field.”