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Get ready for the Lion's Den Cafe


Reagan Witkowski, Trends Editor

     The Special Education (SPED) and Culinary department have teamed up with a new concept, the Lion’s Den cafe, where students will be serving baked potatoes for the staff in the Flex Lab opening February 5. 

     SPED teachers, Amanda Biggers and Kelly Clay, wanted to create a restaurant bar concept for the students in order to gain real on the job training.

     “We want our students to be successful in their future jobs,” Biggers said. “This is a good way to have real, on the job training in the service industry.”

     With the baked potatoes made to eat up, this experience will further students’ education in the food industry.

     “Our ultimate goal is for the students to gain competitive employment and be able to be as independent after high school as possible,” Clay said. “This experience gives them the opportunity to work on those functional skills needed to obtain a job.”

     The restaurant was inspired by other FISD high schools, through social media. 

     “We’ve seen a bunch of other schools do it,” Biggers said. “I’ve seen coffee carts and other things like that, so we took a bunch of ideas together and, of course, wanted to do it at Reedy.”

     One of the main goals is to make this a monthly recurrence along with adding more than just baked potatoes. 

     “It won’t be a huge menu but we might add some sweet potatoes, salads or even desserts,” Clay said. “The students are extremely excited about this.”

     Overall, the students are beyond excited to create their own restaurant at Reedy, and have been promoting it over the last few weeks. 

     “We have made videos for the staff and even sent personal emails,” Clay said. “The students enjoyed the process of applying and interviewing for their positions and they really love promoting the event.”