COVID-19 Do Your Part


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Katharine Walker, Online Editor

     The novel COVID-19, known colloquially as the coronavirus, has rapidly spread around the United States, closing schools, major league sports, theme parks, businesses and the like. Because of this, citizens are meant to stay at home and avoid social gatherings. However, some members of society are not taking these recommendations seriously and are going out, treating this as a vacation.

      It is my belief that everyone should exercise caution for the sake of containing the spread of the virus.

     Firstly, symptoms for the COVID-19 can develop anytime between two to 14 days of exposure. This means that in that time, those exposed wouldn’t be aware of any signs of sickness. This is dangerous because those people would continue going about their daily lives spreading the disease to more and more people without even knowing it. If everyone stayed at home, then the virus would be contained more easily and community transmission would decrease.

     Secondly, because of the shortage of tests, many people could be unaware of having the coronavirus. Currently, there are 7,038 confirmed cases in the U.S. Having a shortage of tests means that there are probably more cases out there, worsening community transmission. If citizens practiced social distancing, then nobody would have to question if someone’s sickness was coronavirus or not. 

     Lastly, it is selfish to go out and risk exposing others. Some young and healthy people might think that because the COVID-19 is mild, it’s no big deal if they get it. However, this reasoning is incredibly selfish because those people would risk exposing elderly and immunocompromised individuals just for the sake of their own livelihoods. For those groups of people, the COVID-19 can be deadly, leading to worse health problems such as pneumonia. So, for the sake of the lives of other Americans, it’s best to stay at home. 

     Some people might think that the reaction to the coronavirus pandemic is overboard and that it’s just mass hysteria. While it may seem that way, it’s better to treat situations like these with extreme caution for the sake of saving lives and with the goal of going back to the normal routine of things. If everyone did their part, then this COVID-19 problem would go away quicker.