Freshmans starts Etsy shop


An example of McKnight’s Etsy products.

Addison Turner and Nickolas Vo

Freshman Milan McKnight, starts a new Etsy shop following her passion of making  jewelry. She enjoys making necklaces and bracelets in her freetime and promotes it to her friends and family.

“I saw people making  jewelry online and I really had an interest in resin work. I told my parents that I can make it better,” McKnight said. “Christmas 2019 they bought me materials and I do whatever I can do to express my creative license” 

Although McKnight  runs a successful jewelry business, she dreams of becoming the first black female president in the United States. McKnight advertises her jewelry by printing herself out with jewelry on fliers and even makes her own packaging. 

“I would do everything by hand,” McKnight said. “I knew people would pay more if I made it custom and I like doing it by hand.”

Her revenue from last year was 13% and on average she gets a good four to five orders every month she gets about $300 monthly from those orders.

“I have business meetings with my dad to see how much supplies cost after each month,” McKnight said. “My profits from sales are about 5%.”

McKnight’s business is flourishing. Advertising and making everything with hand has made her sales soar. With this increase in sales, drive in motivation, and intelligence in marketing, McKnights etsy shop is thriving.

“It’s all about the people and the public outreach,” McKnight said. “Being the best there ever was is my goal, and all I plan to do is expand. I’m not looking to just do some passerby temporary hobby; step by step I’m looking to change the world.”