How has Life Time affected Frisco Residents’ Lives?


Maya Borkar, Editor-in-Chief

On Feb 11, 2022 Life Time Frisco opened its doors to our community. From tennis courts, to workout classes, to pickle ball to a cafe, the fitness center really has it all. After a year in our community it really has left a mark on Frisco residents. 

“Ever since Life Time opened I have been a lot more into fitness.” Life Time member Paige Toran said “They have so many different options for classes and new sports to try that it’s really easy to get involved.”  

Life Time is a great place for people in all levels of fitness. Life Time has fitness options for everyone including adults and children. 

“Life Time has created a community that anyone from any point in their life can have a good experience at. There is something for everyone from the cardio floor, to the sauna, to the kids academy, tennis courts, and even lounge area.” Life Time Kids Academy Employee Gabbi Baker said “It has made Frisco a more desirable place because people want to be part of the community. A lot of our members actually come from prosper or Plano because Life Time is so desirable.”

Life Time Frisco has many different options for its members, with an array of different classes it has something for everyone.

“I love that Life Time has so many different classes included in the membership fees.” Life Time member Ana Garcia said “It lets me try so many different types of workouts without having to pay a million separate fees.” 

Life Time caters to its employees as well as its members. 

“Working at Life Time creates a sense of community within and without our department. In order for the Life Time to run properly everyone has to be on their A game; meaning the front desk is solving logistic problems, the kids academy is making sure the kids are happy, operations is ensuring that the club looks as clean and neat as possible, the cafe has all the food ready on time.” Baker said.

It fosters a sense of community within families and the Frisco area. 

“One of my favorite things about Life Time is that it allows me to spend more time with my family while also bettering myself.” Toran said “Me and my mom love to take workout classes together and it gives us time to spend together during our busy lives”

Life Time also has a cafe where people can mingle and eat the healthy food they sell.

“LifeCafe is one of my favorite parts of my life.” Garcia said “I love going there to get smoothies and acai bowls and since most of my friends are also members I see them there too”

Life Time has changed Frisco and entices people by being different from other gyms. 

“What makes Life Time unlike other gyms is that it’s not just a gym, it is a resort. You are paying a lot of money to be a member so you have to get a lot of bang for your buck.” Baker said “Whereas some places you might just be paying to lift weights, or just paying to go to a cycle class, Life Time has it all.”