Sapphires Take Home the Gold


Lily Deardroff, Reporter

On Saturday, February 13, the Sapphires were sent off to compete at the Danceline Regional Competition, and when they returned, they were Grand Champions.
In addition to being named the best large group team at the Varsity Level, the Sapphires received Best in Category first place Pom, Best in Category first place Jazz, Platinum Sweepstakes, Gold Award for highest Hip Hop score, and Outstanding Entertainer for Hip Hop.
“The girls by far exceeded my expectations, especially considering it was their first competition,” Kristy Platt, the dance and drill team director, said. “The girls were so much more polished and crisp compared to the other schools, and their overall stage presence was non-comparable given they’re only freshman and sophomores.”
Not only did the Sapphires win in the team category, but they also had several girls compete solos, which all placed as Division I. Freshman Megan Filo placed third.
“It was so nerve-racking going out onto the floor in front of the audience and judges, especially the second time when I knew I had a chance at winning, but it was also exhilarating,” Megan said. “I also placed in three of the technique challenges; third in turns, third in kicks, and first in leaps.”
Sophomore Kendall Minaldi placed fourth overall in solos. The Sapphires were the only team to have two girls place in the top five out of 72 for solos.
“Right before I went onto the stage, I was really excited, but I was also kind of nervous, because I had never competed a solo before.” Kendall said. “The biggest challenge we faced leading up to the competition was the stress of making sure that all of the dances were super clean and sharp.”
As this was the first year on drill team for most of the girls, many did not know what to expect at competition.
“I was surprised by how busy we were all day,” Sophomore Keslie Wallace said. “I was expecting to have a lot of downtime in between our dances, but we were going hardcore from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.”
The Sapphires can agree that they are most proud of winning Grand Champions, but Mrs. Platt is more proud of something else entirely.
“I am most proud of the girls attitudes and encouragement of one another,” Platt said. “Their love and support for each other is the best thing I could hope for.”