Come One Come All

The Sapphires perform their fourth annual Spring Show.


Christine Kleinecke

Anna Deardorff and Gabby Burnett

     The Sapphire Fourth Line performed their Spring Show, “Come One Come All,” on April 26th and 27th in the Auditorium. The circus themed performance included dances the girls competed with during contest season as well as extra pieces added to the show.

     “I was really excited to perform in my first Spring Show,” sophomore Addi Parker said. “It was a big performance and I had never done something like that in front of the whole school before.”  

     The Sapphires had two acts in the show, with transitions from each dance ranging from video clips of the girls to tumbling stunts across the stage.

     “Spring Show as a whole is really exciting,” Senior Katelyn Lewellen said. “I liked dancing with my dad because we taught them choreography and they did our field kick entrance dance.”

     Up until show day, the Sapphires worked hard to put on a show unlike any other. A lighting crew was hired to give unique effects to the stage, coordinating the colors based off of costumes the girls were wearing.

     “I liked Finale the most because I loved kicking in our uniform and I felt so confident in it,” sophomore Devan Bevanue said. “Mentally and physically, I was pretty exhausted. It was hard to remember everything and stay in shape to be healthy enough to perform.”  

     The Sapphires must stay fit year round, but Spring Show proves to be a little different than any other season the girls go through.

     “Contest season goes by a lot faster,” Addi said. “You’re not in as many dances, and with Spring Show, you get to relish it a little bit more since it’s here for longer.”

     The show was memorable not only for the Sapphires, but for many other girls who proved to be a big part of it.

     “Knowing that next year I will be in the show as a Sapphire, it was interesting to see it from that perspective,” sophomore Chloe Neely said. “I’m actually in drill prep class right now, which let me perform.”

     Whether the girls were on the auditorium stage for the last time or the first time, their performance was meaningful.

     “Performing as a Sapphire one last time was bittersweet,” Katelyn said. “It has been a good journey and I’m ready to see what is next. I soaked in the one last time I got to do this, and it was cool to be be present in those moments.”